Sore tongue root

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

Language - is a muscular organ related to the digestive organs, located in the mouth.In structure it is subdivided into root, body and tip.This body is covered with mucous membrane, equipped with glands, lymphoid formations, blood vessels and nerve endings.

Pain in the tongue may be caused by a number of reasons.They can arise due to various diseases, injuries basal mini-card, as well as lymphadenopathy sublingual area.This may occur as a result of infection or cancer process.Pain in the root of the tongue are the result of salivary gland diseases, allergic reactions, and they can also occur when iron-deficiency anemia.Sometimes this condition is a side effect of taking certain medications, and excessive smoking.The root of the tongue becomes painful diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine disorders.

characterized by severe pain in the case of an abscess of the tongue.This pathology is accompanied by painful swallowing and a sharp increase in body temperature.Language is inactive, otёche

n and increased in volume.Exerting pressure on the root of the tongue with a spatula followed by unbearable pain.The breath of the patient is difficult, a large amount of viscous saliva.

root of the tongue Goitre (goiter) - this is a very rare congenital disorder in which is formed in the root of the extra (dystopic) thyroid gland.It is presented in the form of unit 1 - 2 cm in diameter, round shape.Typically, the stroma located in blind holes language.This defect is treated surgically only in the event that a real thyroid gland maintains its physiological functions.

If you feel pain in the root of the tongue should immediately consult specialists such as dentist, internist and hematologist.They help establish the correct diagnosis and effective treatment.