Numb fingers

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

There are times when a person numb fingers and he almost does not feel his limbs.This numbness can occur due to several reasons.The most innocuous reason - when the hand is a long time in an uncomfortable position.In this case it is necessary only to do warm-up hands or change position.However, there are more long-lasting numbness in the fingers and without apparent reason.To find out why this happens, you should consult a doctor.For now, you need to set the cause of the numbness.

When numb fingers, the most common reasons are as follows.

  1. blood circulation.The most common disorder is Raynaud's disease.In this case, the blood flow is disturbed in the smallest blood vessels of the fingers.Violation occurs due to the fact that small capillaries and arteries damaged.People with Raynaud's disease, suffer from constant pain in the fingers.In addition, the fingers go numb, they are highly freeze in the cold.If you see these symptoms, immediately seek medical attention.However, you yourself can carry out
    prevention of the disease.It is recommended to wear gloves during cold weather should not be a long time to hold hands in cold water too.
  2. embolism.The cause numbness of the hands of man could be approaching a stroke.Usually occurs blockage of blood vessels of the brain, and then numb fingers of one hand, then the other.Additionally, a person having severe headaches, pressure rises.Ignore such silly state.In this case, you must seek immediate medical attention.
  3. thrombosis of the upper extremities.In humans, numb fingers, when the clogged artery top.In this case, numbness occurs incrementally.First, it is hardly noticeable, but then continued to grow, rising from the fingers to the wrist.At the first alarming symptoms, seek medical help, or you may even lose a hand.

possible treatment when numb fingers:

  • first consult your doctor, who will establish an accurate diagnosis;
  • useful salad of black radish, plus vegetable oil;
  • work out rubbing (take 1 liter of water, add 1 tablespoon of salt, mix a solution of 50 grams of 10% ammonia and not more than 10 grams of alcohol camphor, all mixed thoroughly, then rub the parts of the body that are numb).

not start the main disease treated carefully to their health.