Seal under the skin

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

form a seal under the skin is not always, but often cause unpleasant pain, it's not to mention the constant discomfort.

Causes of seals:

  • injury often seal themselves appear even after the trauma has passed and people had forgotten about it;
  • an exacerbation of the disease may appear under the skin of a seal;
  • due to metabolic disorders;
  • due to ingestion of infection;
  • nervous stress, stress can also lead to the formation of the seal;
  • insolation.

Sometimes only the appearance of such a seal, and indicates that the body appeared pathogenic infection or disease.Always refer such cases to the doctor, because the cause of the skin seal may be a malignant tumor.And if it is time to reveal something far greater chance of successful treatment.

Seals and their categories.

Seals can be subdivided into several categories, depending on the size, appearance and place of their appearance.This classification determines their subsequent treatment.

Atheroma. Seals of this type occur in the neck, back, head.

They have the form of a solid subcutaneous education.Atheroma causes no pain, but the strong pressure it begins to stand out in the middle of the fat (lard).

Lipoma. seal of this kind can appear anywhere on the body.In its form it resembles a moving ball and does not cause any pain.This type of seal is also called wen.

Hygroma. does not cause any pain or discomfort, appears on the wrist joints and hands.The size does not exceed a few centimeters.

Corn Bunting. This seal is caused by a delay in the departments of blubber sebaceous gland face, and therefore appear white on the face of the seal.White fat gains from contact with the air.To prevent the occurrence of such unpleasant disease, you need every day to clean the face.Corn Bunting does not cause pain, but it looks very unsightly.Occasionally it occurs in infants and children due to the presence of hormones in the mother's milk.Injury to a child by not, and after a while Corn Bunting goes away.

hernia. It occurs in the groin, navel and abdomen.There are several types of hernias.All they do not cause pain, but if the same pressure on it, it will at some time will disappear.When it appears, be sure to visit the doctor as running a hernia may infringe upon, and sometimes are fatal.Hernia removed by surgical intervention.

swollen lymph nodes. In such cases, the person always feels pain.Inflammation of the lymph nodes sometimes appears to those who have recently had surgery.

abscess. This type of seal may appear on the arm, leg or other part of the body from injury.Optionally to the injury was severe, an abscess can occur after a small scratch on the body.He is accompanied by fever, malaise, redness in his appearance.At the touch of a seal will be hot, and the place of its occurrence will hurt.When the first symptoms to immediately seek medical help.

There may be other seals, but they definitely can not be characterized without a full examination in a medical institution.

Removal appeared seal is mandatory.This is important not only to maintain their health, but also for purely cosmetic purposes (in case the seal does not cause discomfort or pain).After all, any seal looks unattractive and over time you may appear complex on this basis.The procedure for removal is not a difficult operation, and postreabilitatsionny period is not extended, except in cases caused by the appearance of cancer.