Red spots on the tongue

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

As language can determine how a person is healthy.This body is a kind of indicator of health.If the language has a bright red or pale, or as it has red spots, all this says about the condition of the body and be sure to seek medical help.

Sometimes people, when faced with the appearance of red spots in their own language, did not know what to do and where they might occur.Let us consider in more detail the reasons for the appearance of spots, as well as methods for their treatment.

If you find yourself in the language of large white spots and thus easy to remove, then know that it is oral thrush.It can be caused by gastrointestinal disease, a number of infectious diseases, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, smoking, and so on. D. To determine the causes of the need to visit a dentist who, after spending a microscopic examination of samples to accurately identify the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The average treatment takes 1.5-2 weeks, it all depends on the complexity of the disease.The appe

arance of yellow or white painful sores indicates an increase in the acidity of your stomach.These ulcers must be lubricated with a solution of iodine or Lugol and mouth to handle hydrogen peroxide or sodium furatsillina.If this treatment does not help, then it means that you aphthous stomatitis (inflammation).In this disease also appear red spots on the tongue.The reasons for its occurrence can be the following: gastrointestinal disease, lack of vitamins C and B, slurry (a disease of the mouth), mechanical damage.The disease is very serious and should not try to deal with his self-medicate.When the first of its symptoms (malaise, sores, loss of appetite, fever), be sure to consult your dentist.He first produce antiseptic cleansing of the oral cavity, and after prescribe the right treatment.Last it takes up to two weeks, and then still need to diet for a while (denial of fried, spicy).

If you notice red spots on the tongue, bordered yellow rim, there is no doubt that you have a "geographic tongue".The cause of these spots are diseases of the circulatory system and diseases of the digestive tract.Sometimes these spots appear and in pregnant women.In the course of treatment is recommended to use toothpaste, which includes berry juice and drink more green tea for prevention.

When the pain and burning sensation in the mouth, immediately contact your dentist, who will reorganize the mouth.

But not all diseases are easily treatable, so if you suddenly find yourself red spots on the tongue, which in addition also scratched, it can be shingles.The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets and by contact and can cause hepatitis, festering, smallpox, lesions of the duodenum.Treatment is complex and time-consuming process.The doctor first of all appoints the course of treatment for pain and infection of the virus, and only after you are prescribed antiviral drugs and ointments.If this disease is strictly forbidden to take a bath.

chancre, which appear on the front of the tongue and looks like a solid red sores.This is one of the first symptoms of syphilis and when found necessary to refer to venereal diseases.

Be attentive to their health, and always follow the status of the language, and in fact it may be the first to notify you experience any problems with your health!