Red spots on the abdomen

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

Any rash always indicate any problems related to health.The same applies to the appearance of red spots on the abdomen.

reason for changing the state of the skin may be many diseases, but more often it is the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, allergic and infectious diseases, disorders of the nervous or endocrine system of humans.Our bodies need to somehow get rid of the harmful substances that accumulate in the body and, as a result, there are a variety of skin rashes.

Immediately worth mention that an accurate diagnosis can only be put on the results of the expert survey, so at the first symptoms of the disease should be treated by a dermatologist.The doctor will conduct a visual inspection and, if necessary appoint an additional examination.And only on the basis of analyzes of the survey, he will deliver an accurate diagnosis.All skin diseases divided by etiology: infectious, viral and fungal, so you should not self-medicate, because you can easily infect their loved ones.

Red spots on the abdomen can be caused by hives.In medicine, there are several forms of it.Acute urticaria is caused by insect bites, food, honey.drugs, infection.The chronic form of urticaria caused by disorders of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, intestinal worms.In rare cases, it is observed during pregnancy and is the result of toxemia.There is also a physical urticaria, which is caused by changes in temperature and pressure, sometimes vibration.When the disease takes the form of a rash of itchy blisters.

red spot in the abdomen can be a sign of pink lichen, which is also called ringworm Gibert.The rash in this disease have a shape with a softly pronounced contours, as can be seen in them clear or purulent fluid.Ringworm refers to viral diseases.It can provoke the appearance of prolonged stress, a general weakening of the immune system, hypothermia, viral infections.A characteristic feature of the disease is unbearable itching and flaking of the skin rash.

Erythema - the disease is still unclear etiology.It refers to an infectious form of the disease.Its characteristic feature is in the form of a rash of flat papules.Over time, these red rashes begin to merge with each other and form a kind of figures.

diseases in which there are red spots on the abdomen is quite a lot.These include measles, scarlet fever, psoriasis.Thus, when fine spots rubella, oval or round shape, a weak pink color.If the rash is caused by scarlet fever, it has roseola in diameter and 2 mm.Psoriasis is characterized by small plaques reddish-pink hue, and the top spots clearly visible peeling silver.

above list includes only the most common reasons that trigger the appearance of spots on the abdomen.All diseases are much more, so to find out the exact cause without resorting to a dermatologist just can not do.