Products that cause flatulence

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

How often unpleasant, uncomfortable and sometimes even shame, when suddenly at work or some responsible action, even at home, in the stomach begins a real hurricane.That is why many people are surprised: why would it?It turns out that everything is very simple: to blame the food we eat.

Yes, yes, there is a list of foods that cause flatulence in humans.In addition, with the latter may appear belching, bloating, and many other unpleasant moments.That is why you should know what kind of products can bring a lot of discomfort, as well as put the person in a difficult position.

Firstly, it should be remembered that the chewing gum and chewy candy is not the safest products.The fact that in the process of how a person chews, it inevitably swallows air.This in turn means that the entering air will penetrate into the digestive system, and this will lead to an unpleasant and inescapable gassing eructation.

Second, be wary of any dairy products.Sure, they are incredibly useful, only they have one very seriou

s flaw - flatulence, which is stimulated by them.This is especially true of the people whose bodies are coping with difficulty and sometimes not cope with digesting lactose.Oddly enough, but almost all Africans and Asians suffer from gas generation caused by drinking milk or any of its derivatives.Very often, problems digesting lactose occur in the elderly.That is why they have to be excluded from the diet all dairy products, despite the fact that they are essential.

Another product, contributing to the emergence of gases, is bread.The fact is that it is quite a huge amount of complex carbohydrates, which sometimes can be difficult to digest.Therefore, people can not live without bread, it may suffer from increased gas production.

unquestionable and very obvious source of increased gas are carbonated beverages.Particularly acute is felt in those cases when the beverage is drunk through a narrow neck or through a straw.

course, that any legumes, including beans, can cause excessive gassing, everyone knows.Furthermore, their structure is a lot of complex carbohydrates, however, as in bread.Therefore, not every body can cope with digestion.In addition there are a number of bean products that can trigger flatulence.

Nor can we ignore the incredibly useful fruit.Alas, despite their necessity and importance to human sugar contained in most of them, may cause increased gas production.This is especially true of prunes, pears and apples, peaches, figs and cherries.The same can be said with respect to the berries.

Sorry, but a huge number of relevant and useful to the body products are on the list of undesirable to use.

Still, there are some habits that increase under consideration trouble.For example, one of them is the habit of eating fast or smoking or drinking in one gulp.However, even the most banal dentures can affect this delicate problem.

And finally I want to say that completely and suddenly change your diet is not necessary.Perhaps that will be enough to change their own habits.And, of course, we should not forget that everything is good in moderation.