How to remove the redness from the face?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

How often a woman looking in the mirror, see the redness that appears on the face or around the eyes, but do not attach any importance.And it is in vain!First, we should carefully observe their own feelings.It is possible that these may be accompanied by redness, or itching scaling, and then any dermatologist will put such a diagnosis as "rosacea."But do not be afraid of such a diagnosis, because the disease can and must be fought.

Rosacea can form on the skin when the quality can not operate the blood vessels.As a result, on the face or other parts of the body may be formed of small blood mesh.At the same time begin to break down the blood vessels, skin irritation, and is formed as a result - the redness on the face.The causes of this deterioration in the general condition of a person can become skin bacteria, mites, and even the sun's rays falling on the skin.According to doctors, the disease can not be cured completely, but to a man forces alone to control the symptoms, and do whatever is necessary

to reduce the redness on the face.It is equally important to know about what to do if formed vascular mesh or redness around the eyes.Therefore, it is necessary to know how to get rid of the redness on the face.

To begin with it should be remembered that the skin should always be as clean as possible.That is how it will be possible to ensure that the redness is no longer appeared.To do this, each morning to clean face.In addition, it is necessary to use only mild detergent, and at least twice a day.In this case, all the dirt is removed completely, and the microbes will not be able to penetrate the skin.At the same time, it should be understood that an overly zealous not worth it, because too frequent washing can cause irritation.

In addition, you must try to avoid the contact portions with healthy skin and rosacea.This is due to the fact that even with a slight contact with germs on healthy but prone areas of the skin, the infection can be continued.Nor should comb the infected areas, as it could also provoke further spread.

But what to do with the redness of the face in the summer?Of course, try as much as possible to fence themselves from the sun, because ultraviolet rays can damage the skin quite seriously, and thus trigger rosacea.And do not think that red face says about getting sunburn.In most cases this is the first sign of disease.The excess sun can cause swelling of the skin and around the eyes, cheeks and chin can appear red.To avoid such consequences should maximize protect yourself from exposure to the sun.

Do not forget to Bring to a dermatologist, who in case of illness prescribe a course of antibiotics.The drugs contain chemical substances that fight inflammation.This will help reduce swelling and redness.Antibiotics will really help, and the result will be a reduction in redness, or its complete disappearance.

In addition, the redness from the face can be removed with the help of individually tailored dermatologist creams and gels.With their help the inflammation and redness on the skin, caused by rosacea significantly reduced.As a rule, such as assistants protrude metronidazole, erythromycin, and clindamycin.

Finally, prominent blood vessels on the face can be removed with a laser.During this procedure, the laser is applied directly to the skin, heat the small vessels, as a result, they break up.