Blackened fingernails

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

time a person is faced with unfamiliar it difficult, for example, such as the blackening of the nails on the hands.Why is this happening and how to get rid of it, we try to answer in this article.

The most common cause is nail injury.It may just be jamming the door or the consequence of hitting the nail (eg, during sports training).Normally, when a strong personal injury under the nail, first going to the blood, and already a little later, he begins to darken.In some cases, a damaged nail begins to flake off, but the experience is not necessary.As a rule, always in its place grows a new one.This often happens when the cause of work related to auto repair, construction, and so on. D.

But sometimes the reason may be quite different, namely a fungal infection.Though we are all accustomed to thinking that the fungus infects only the feet, but this view is somewhat misleading.In some cases, damage can occur and fingernails.Treatment in these cases have to be carried out under the supervision of a doctor,

so without his permission is prohibited any method of self-medication.

In some cases, a color change is due to external influences on the nail, such as tobacco or potassium permanganate.In such cases, the person does not feel the signs of pain.

But it also happens that the blackening of the fingernails is a consequence of infectious diseases, diabetes, diseases of internal organs (kidneys).In such cases, do not treat your nails and cause.

Women often use lacquer and other means for nail care can lead to the fact that they will change their natural color (dark).Just give up the use of lacquer for a while and the nails themselves will restore their natural color soon.

Be attentive to their health, even in such seemingly small things like nails blackening!