Can I play sports nursing mother?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

Many latter-day mom afraid to play sports during lactation for many reasons.However, all of them can be called prejudices that do not deserve attention.After exercise - it's a great opportunity to put in order their shape, giving it the original look.In addition, exercise a positive influence on the cardiovascular system.Yes, and all the numerous studies have shown that all nursing mothers, leading an active life, in general, feel just fine.

has long been proven that exercise does not affect the amount of milk produced in the period of lactation.After all, this factor depends on the mother's nutrition, from the baby, his needs and the amount of milk, sucks in the process of feeding.Sport as this is irrelevant.

now about the quality of the milk.Many moms are convinced that exercise improves levels of lactic acid in breast milk.Firstly, the sports load mean intensity not more than three times per week for the composition of breast milk is not affected at all.And secondly, if you are still engaged in em

ergency mode, and the level of lactic acid increases, it does not cause failure of the child's chest and does not cause him any harm.Especially that the decrease in the intensity of training all normal, and very quickly.

And finally, it is worth mentioning the benefits of sports activities to strengthen the nervous system.Indeed, many have heard about postpartum depression, which "breaks" a woman still in the initial stage of motherhood.And physical activity - it's a great way to deal with nervous tension and postpartum depression as well.

way, the gym - it's not the only place for sport.Hiking with a stroller or sling, and gymnastic exercises at home should be fine as exercise.And if you want to cheer yourself and your baby mood - Exercise together.It is clear that the baby can not do absolutely no exercise, but it's not a problem."Use" it as dumbbells.It is enough to choose the right set of exercises that will help you keep fit and baby amused.

So engage in sports is not only possible, but necessary.And many of today's moms already know about it.