The sign "find the earring"

By Admin | Signs
17 May 2016

Every woman, a girl at least once in their lives lost an earring, but managed to find a little thing not everyone.Understanding this, every woman, finding similar decoration, before raising it involuntarily thoughtful "and whether it is generally done?" Perhaps it is not a good sign, and to do so is strictly prohibited!The people on this occasion there were some signs.

Most importantly, what signs say - is that the earring, as well as any thing able to accumulate a maximum energy of its owner.This is especially true of products in the form of closed ring or oval.And if the owner was, to put it mildly, not very good man, it is clear that the negative and negative energy will be much more than good.From the sick person, respectively, can accumulate another, even more terrible power.

According to legends, the person loses an earring only when it is completely filled with his energy and it is no longer "storage tank".It turns out that if a person will pick up the item and will wear it, it certainly will

take all the energy has been stored in it yourself!

However, signs do not prohibit the raising thing, rather it is undesirable to yourself to keep and bear.The best way to get rid of the power of the former owner - a pass earrings in a pawnshop, or melt it on another piece of jewelry.

Astute ancestors for men who have found an earring, prepared a completely different layout folk superstitions.It is believed that if a man finds an earring, in the near future it is expected pleasure and profit.Especially lucky if lost earring is also a man or a boy!

If earring, and two is better to find a young girl, so soon in her life to begin a serious affair that is likely to end the wedding.If a young person has been a fan favorite, it waits for a pleasant surprise.

Besides these will exist and others calling for common sense.It so happens that terminally ill people "clinging to" the last straw, "reduce" their illness on the expensive jewelry and specially leave it in a public place.

man holding thing, not just "take" with the patient's illness itself, it will bring into your home the terrible grief.Therefore, before "covet" the usual golden ring several times think, "Is this you will become richer?Why do you need it? "Let her take the one who needs it!