Cracking in the knees when squatting

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

knee joint, as well as all other human organs are very functional in its structure and crunch under load is absolutely not typical for him.Rather high load on the joint in everyday life, sports, unbalanced diet, age features can lead to changes in the joint.Feeling the first signs of a crunch in your lap, you must be sure to install and remove the cause.

Appearances crunch in the knee during the squat, especially pain, often associated with his disease.The most common are various forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis of the knee, calcium deposits, sklerotatsiya joint tissues.

Causes of the crunch in the knee joint, and how can they be avoided?

unbalanced diet, which leads to excessive salt deposits in the joints.Exclusion from the diet or decrease the salt and pickled foods will bring a positive result.One of the consequences of malnutrition - is overweight.In this case, using diet and exercise to try to lead a normal body weight, as other methods are simply ineffective.

extended wear uncomfortable sh

oes or shoes with high heels.Because of the altered biomechanics of movement in the knee goes further, with uncharacteristic load.In this case, you need to select comfortable shoes or use a replacement.

Hypodynamy.Low physical activity during the day, especially when working in the office.Using the lift and transport to save time, but the impact on the general condition of the body and on the joints.Even a slight change in lifestyle will lead to the normal operation of the joint.

High load when lifting weights or playing sports.In such a situation it would be reasonable to restrict the load or to take a break to allow the joints to bounce.

natural age-related changes in the cartilage.

The reasons that lead to disease and, as a consequence, the crunch in the knee joint can be several.For an accurate diagnosis and a proper treatment at the first sign of the crunch you need to consult a qualified physician.Early treatment and the implementation of the recommendations will facilitate the return of health and complete the work of the knee joint.