Red thread from the evil eye

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16 May 2016

Vera - one of the most powerful forces that can protect a person from a variety of failures, as well as from the effects of the dark slander.Naturally, wise people noticed it for a long time and use trial and error has determined what kind of items can act as protective amulets in the confrontation with corruption, evil eye, hex and negative emotions detractors.One of these amulets was the red thread, which, according to some, is capable of much in the fight against the dark forces.

little about the history of

custom red thread used as a talisman came into Slavic culture of Judaism, particularly from the mystical culture of Kabbalah.In ancient times, the red woolen thread was considered a powerful talisman dual action.Firstly, the red yarn is not afforded dark forces to penetrate into the protective field of human and consequently harm.Secondly, the thread would not let outward own negative manifestations of man, extinguishing them inside.

After some time guardian - the red thread has appeared and

the Slavs, who, incidentally, never thought he was strong enough, but, nevertheless, for the prevention of steel used.It was believed that red thread not only protects many detractors distract from the negative impact due to the bright color, which was intended to distract, giving time to build your own defense.

How to use the red thread

To red thread gets its magical properties, the Jews sanctify her at the grave of the saint known Rachel, obvivaya thread entire tomb, and then cutting into small pieces.Red Thread need to be worn for seven days, and then replaced with a new, as it was believed that it was the week thread absorb all negativity and could not defend.The Slavs also thought differently and wore a string as long as it does not tear itself, considering that at the time of separation thread protected from the strong influence of the dark forces.

was important, and the ritual of putting on a red thread on his hand.According to the Jewish teachings of the left hand is considered to be the host, respectively, and the bad and good things come to the man on the left side.Therefore, the red thread is tied on the wrist of his left hand and make it to be a close person is not necessarily in the blood, that is relative, it was possible to entrust such protection and loving husband or a friend.

During the ritual of tying a red thread is very important the attitude of both parties.Tie the thread had much to the opponent's health, good luck and protection from the dark forces.Receiving the same red thread had to think about the good, prosperity and belief in the bright side of his soul.The thread is fastened on seven knots, symbolizing the seven spiritual dimensions of all things, and to pronounce certain protective conspiracy.

If Jews believed the red thread only talisman against the dark forces, the Slavs have gone further.There was a view which, incidentally, is shared by many of his contemporaries, that the thread is able to heal from the pain in the joints.How justified this version - no data, but as the saying goes, faith can work wonders.