How to stop the blood from a finger?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

Injuries and cuts fingers - ordinary event for everyone.The fact that it is involved in the hands of any physical operation, and therefore protect arranged on fingers is not always possible.Injure a finger, people often simply lose his composure at the sight of blood, which is sometimes quite a lot.After all, on the fingers of a large number of small blood vessels.

to stop the blood from a finger, you must follow the simple instructions.

first be removed from the wound foreign objects and dirt.To do this, a small piece of pure moistened tissue or bandage in warm sterile water and gently blot of the wound.On the bandage can be applied soapy water or wet it in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.If the cut is shallow, and the cutting or piercing items, which damaged the skin is clean, then touch the wound itself is not necessary.

After the injured finger will be processed with water, it should be disinfected.This will require a solution of hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green.A cotton swab dipp

ed in or drive means and is applied to the wound for 2 minutes.During this time, blood should completely curl.If it does not, it should be a few more minutes to hold the swab to the wound, and in the case of the continuation of bleeding - consult a doctor.It does not recommend itself to handle the wound with iodine.He only kills all living cells that affect the rate of wound healing.

After the bleeding is stopped, on the surface of the wound will remain traces of dried blood.They can be gently wet, soaked in hydrogen peroxide, fleece or ear stick.

stop the bleeding finger should wrap sterile gauze or a bandage.It is prohibited to strongly pull the wound, so as not to provoke rebleeding.Finger from the top you can wear a special fingertip or simply fix with the help of plaster bandage.To make it easier to remove the bandage and do not disturb the wound, the injured finger should wrap tissue paper soaked in hydrogen peroxide.If the wound is deep, it can be simply covered with a piece of adhesive plaster or bandage.

Shallow wounds tend to bleed briefly.The first minutes after the cut is not recommended to stop the bleeding at all.It is better to let a small amount of blood to flow easily.She got into the wash away bacteria that will ensure its rapid healing.If the wound is bleeding a long time, you should definitely seek professional help.

At any injury it is important to maintain composure and tranquility.Cuts and minor wounds on the fingers usually not dangerous, and in case of proper hemostasis heal quite rapidly and did not leave behind unsightly scars.