Can I take out the garbage at night?

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16 May 2016

Many superstitions have survived to our times over the centuries.One of these will take is "taking out the trash at night", which the stories of our grandmothers entails a lot of trouble in all spheres of activity.But the real reason why you can not do it, no one can say.Therefore, the story has a dozen different versions, which are able to explain the reason for getting rid of unwanted waste in the evening hours.

superstitions of ancient

One such superstitions that have survived to the present day, shows that litter - the personification of wealth and prosperity.If the owner to wash dirty linen in public after sunset, with the waste, he deprived himself of these benefits.

most realistic version is the word people.It was believed that if a person taking out the trash at night, so he was a bad host, because it does not cope with their responsibilities at home.And the neighbors are not talking about human carelessness, litter stayed at home until morning.

Mystical Legends

believe in the existence

of a brownie or not - everyone's business, but the ancient Slavs worshiped the invisible spirit and tried to please him in every way.It was believed that after sunset, he came out of his hiding place and varnish household waste.In this connection was born the version of that trash was left overnight at home, so that was something to appease the houses.

mankind believed not only in the existence of good spirits and mystical powers, the authority that comes with the sunset.People believed that if you take out the trash for the night out of the house, the evil witches and wizards will not be difficult to restore to them the evil eye or damage.Therefore, taking out the trash postponed to the next day.

Our days

Over time, people began to invent new reasons in order not to wash dirty linen in public at night.The modern version is that such an event will certainly entail negative consequences.Some talk about a variety of fractures due to the dark time of the day, others complain about the rats and stray animals that live in garbage containers.Still others are simply afraid of robbers, noisy companies or drunken neighbors.

Whatever the reason, habit of putting off taking out the trash the next morning still preserved.Of course, as with any rule, there are always exceptions to deny the reality of these actions take.But regardless of whether you believe in the ancient prejudices or not worth risking your health and good fortune for the sake of some trash?