Lump in the throat and belching

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

itself in his throat - it is nothing more than your throat muscle spasms observed during swallowing food or drink, the feeling of "something - something stuck in my throat."But in fact there is absolutely nothing there.Very often such an inconvenience most women complain.Sometimes a person may feel while choking, burning and tickling.May feel pain in the neck or head, there is slavery, it is sometimes difficult to breathe.

What are the causes of belching and terrible lump in the throat?

  1. effects of stress.It seems in no way linked to any illness of any system.Experiences and depression often cause overexertion of muscles, thereby creating a "lump of nerves", which is produced in the throat, disappears after the time when all these emotions die down and people calm down.In the case where the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon is nerves of steel, then the proper recovery, you may well be able to effectively accelerate even themselves.
  2. Son.Sleep as much as possible!In the room where you relax and slee
    p to be as much as possible sources of fresh air.The bed should have a semi-solid and the plane and the air - pretty small, so as not to overtax the cervical vertebrae during your sleep.
  3. Walk in the air longer and as often as possible in the park, away from the polluted roads, especially at bedtime.
  4. Try to eat more efficiently, using as far as possible only "healthy" foods, no bad food additives and preservatives.Take food honey, Siberian ginseng and ginseng root.However, do not forget to consult with your doctor!Roughly speaking, you have to do everything so that not only you but also your body to become comfortable in any situation.Believe me, when the voltage is held, suffer muscle spasms you go away by themselves.
  5. burp after a meal can be felt, if you have the disease is so important for each of the gastrointestinal tract.Also, you may from time to time to worry and heartburn, belching may have several sour taste.Most likely, it will be the usual kind of gastritis, in which case you will need to choose appropriate medicines and rather strict diet.
  6. pretty uncomfortable, not only when there is a lump in the throat, and belching associated with a certain dysfunction of the thyroid gland.Such a feeling can often occur with inflammation of the thyroid gland or a diffuse toxic goiter.In this case, for the treatment of this "disease" set of prescribed drugs that contain in its composition is so important for each of iodine, and many more products that will stabilize painful at the moment the status of your body.
  7. also this trouble occurs in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine that appears when your not quite sedentary, as well as in violation of the general metabolism, and even all, without exception, bad habits.Thus, the treatment is performed in this case by different methods: manual therapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, and many others.

often cause feelings of trouble trying to find out immediately when you visit your doctor, he will examine you carefully.But of course, that in each case will be assigned strictly individual treatment.