How to get rid chiriya?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

the people "boils" refers to inflammation of the hair follicles and the connective tissue with an abundance of pus and severe pain.In medicine, this disease is called "furunculosis" as furuncles usually appear not singly, but as a group.Defeat exposed face, abdomen, buttocks, hips, back and other parts of the body.The exceptions are the feet, hands and fingers.The cause of the inflammation becomes the action of Staphylococcus aureus.A aggravating "boils" factor is contamination of the skin, decreased immunity, which is accompanied by the development of chronic diseases, injuries of the skin, metabolic and heavy sweating.

Boils begin to develop from small pimples that on the third day from the beginning of inflammation are increased in size, and in the center of the rod is formed purulent.A week later, the abscess is opened, and the wound is released from inflammatory cells.Place boil slowly heals, the pain goes and forms a scar.

often "boils" are produced in large quantities and for a long time do no

t leave the patient alone.Then prescribe drugs that increase the protective and regenerative properties of the organism: brewer's yeast, autohemotherapy, aloe.These drugs significantly increase resistance to disease and retreats.The main task for abrasions - is its prevention.To do this, you need to carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene, time to handle injuries and cuts the skin, physical activity, taking multivitamin preparations.If you have boils should consult a doctor and not to squeeze them yourself.To boils quickly passed in the affected skin areas treated with 3% boric alcohol, 70% ethyl alcohol solution of iodine or salicylic alcohol.When the boil is ripe and opened, then it is applied to the tissue with ointment Vishnevsky.First on the wound impose a clean cloth, then with ointment and last film, adhesive tape glued on top.

get rid of chirya help lotion from a mixture of water and cologne.Take one part water and one part of cologne, moistened cloth and applied to run up chiryu.Sealed with tape and plaster.Festering rod will be released on the third day.