Peeling ears

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

ideal clean pink ears are found not all.Just like any organ or part of the body may hurt your ears.One of the manifestations - peeling ears.The reasons for this phenomenon may be commonplace situation.Most often it is the result of abuse of sugary food from gourmets.Diathesis, which occurs as an allergic response, manifested by itching and flaking of the skin ears.To get rid of troubles, enough to limit sweets or take a pill suprastin.

The same can occur if you do not limit yourself to enjoy the pleasure of citrus.Ears redden, itch and peel.In this case, just cross out for a time from the diet of oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits.

In the summer, some particularly sensitive people suffer from an allergy to sunlight.The disease can occur with chills and fever.Therefore, going on a hot and sunny day on the street, it is necessary to cover head hat with a brim to ultraviolet lights do not cause damage to the skin.

cause of skin peeling ears can become a new hair color or perm.Potent chemical comp

ounds can cause burns which require treatment with ointments.Means for hair care, namely shampoos, masks, balms and conditioners can also cause allergies and peeling ears.Therefore, the appearance of itching and irritation of the skin and change their means less allergenic.

In case peeling persists for a long time should consult a doctor as skin lesions ears can be a sign of a serious disease, which require special treatment.

In such cases, the dermatologist can diagnose ear dermatitis and even microbial eczema.For the treatment of dermatitis requires a strict diet without citrus, chocolate, honey, nuts, and antimicrobial therapy.The reason for peeling may be microbial flora as staphylococcus or fungus.Staph infection is usually accompanied by the appearance of inflammation and purulent discharge from the ear pain.In any case, self - not the way, need help ENT doctor or a dermatologist and correct diagnosis.Analyses on allergens will help identify the factors that cause allergies, and microbiological examination - the infectious agent.And this is the key to successful get rid of peeling ears.