Mulberry jam

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
30 June 2016

Mulberry is often called miraculous plant.Leaves, roots, berries used in the treatment of many diseases.And in the East, this plant is generally considered sacred.But time is rapid ripening of berries, and the taste of it remains only a memory.

Correct the situation can be if in time to collect the berries and cook the jam.Recipes lot.Importantly, the jam is best suited several kinds of berries, very similar to raspberries, but in a different color.It is the fruit of cherry red and white mulberry color with a juicy and tender flesh.You can use other varieties, but they are not as sweet, so during cooking will need to increase the amount of sugar.Fruits

first washed in a colander, allow water to drain and covered in enamel basin or pan.Each new layer of berries pour sugar.Five hours later, when the mulberry give juice container with the content put on a little fire and kept up until the sugar has dissolved.

jam gently agitated and constantly remove the foam.After that, he was given half an hour to s

tand, add two grams of citric acid and again boil until tender, but at a more powerful temperature.On average, per kilogram of fruit will need half a kilogram of sugar.For the preparation of a jam sweet white fruit sugar will need 300 grams less.

To berries remained in one piece they are cooked in syrup.300 milliliters of water to make the syrup required 1200 grams of sugar.It is for white fruit for black sugar should take 300 grams more.Syrup poured hours into four kilograms of berries.Then, through a colander or sieve decant the syrup and bring to a boil.Again it poured fruit, pour a bit of citric acid and cook until ready.

However, the berries can be stored in one piece, if during cooking is not too hard to stir the jam.While the jam is hot, it is packed in glass jars.Before you roll up their caps on the top layer of jam impose slices, cut the size of the neck of the cans alcohol-soaked parchment paper.

Mulberry fresh and jam it have extremely useful properties.The fruits are used in the preparation of medicines used in the treatment of many diseases, including diseases of the heart.People who regularly use the berries of this plant, jam, juice, suffer less shortness of breath, they improved cardiac function.

Mulberry is a diuretic and diaphoretic properties, normalize the activity of the intestines are used in the treatment of throat and mouth, removing the inflammatory processes, as well as many other applications that require recovery of the organism.