It hurts right side under the ribs

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14 June 2016

Pain is localized under the ribs on the right side, not only gives a person severe discomfort, but also is a disturbing signal the body to which you want to highlight.

Causes pain

pain in his right side usually indicates a failure in the work of these bodies.

intestine, but rather extending from his right appendix

most often at pains under the right rib doctors say about suspected appendicitis and do not remove the diagnosis to detect other causes.At the first sign of illness (rapid onset of severe pain on the right), you must seek immediate medical attention, as a ruptured appendix may be the most deplorable consequences.


When the cause of pain is the liver, malaise, usually occurs as a result of:

  • viral diseases, especially hepatitis A, B, C;
  • lifestyle.Adverse effects on the liver have excessive intake of spicy and fatty foods, alcohol and smoking;
  • poisoning drugs.Some drugs can cause toxic hepatitis;
  • heart disease.As a result, the heart muscle failure to fulfill its functions
    are not in full, resulting in the liver is a stagnation of the blood in which the body is stretched, causing pain.


bile produced by the liver breaks down fats and thus plays an important role in the digestion of food.In the normal bile enters the gallbladder.If you use too greasy food this body injects its contents into the intestine, as generated to date may not be enough bile for fat digestion.In the presence of gall stones or infections, and there is pain under the right rib, signals the need for dieting.


pain under the right rib, accompanied by profuse sweating, vomiting and nausea may indicate pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas.


Diseases of the diaphragm diagnosed seldom and, often, the pain in his right side caused by the fact that the organs adjacent to the diaphragm, with individual diseases put pressure on it, changing its size.In addition, the cause of the pain can be ailments such as swelling of the diaphragm, difragmatit or diaphragmatic hernia.

Tactics Action

In only one of pain, localized under the ribs on the right side, it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis.For early detection of the disease and the course of his treatment should seek medical help.First of all, you need to visit a therapist who will send to the necessary specialist - a gastroenterologist, cardiologist, surgeon, infectious diseases, endocrinology or traumatologist.

Pain is an important signal about the need to pay attention to their own health.Just numb the pain taking pain medication is not possible to help the body.Only to eliminate the cause of malfunction, it is possible to regain health.