Vomiting blood: Causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

Vomiting - is nothing but as a defensive reaction of the body.Thus it contributes to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria, and systems in the bloodstream.

Gag process control can not because it is a reflex, and start or stop can arbitrarily.The frequency of vomiting urgency is purely individual factor depending on the age, the physiological condition of the person and, of course, the reasons that caused them.For example, scientifically proven that people are quick to suffer emotionally excitable like reactions more often.

Gag process - a symptom, indicating that the body is a failure.If this reaction is accompanied by still and blood, immediately seek professional medical help.

Causes of vomiting blood

factors that provoke the physiological process of a great many, and usually they indicate the presence of a serious disease.For example, such as acute intestinal obstruction, inflammation, appendicitis, cholecystitis, and many others.It is also often seen as a stomach ulcer, cancer tumor.

also vomiting blood may indicate a disease of the central nervous system, which is manifested edema, or swelling of the brain, resulting in increased pressure.

Very often this happens vomiting and cardiovascular disease - hypertension, heart failure and even heart attack.At least a similar physiological process begins as a result of severe damage to the inner ear.

Such a protective reaction may cause poisoning and in particular toxic substances or drugs.

word, vomiting blood may indicate the presence of a number of diseases, the diagnosis of which will set yourself impossible.Therefore, when the first manifestations should immediately consult a doctor.

First Aid vomiting blood

First of all, absolutely should not self-medicate and start taking drugs, do not establish the exact cause of this reaction, because in this way can only harm the body and aggravate the condition.And all because some drugs are strictly forbidden to use in certain diseases.

All that can be done before the arrival of doctors - to drink a decoction of that calm.Cooking it should be as follows: Raw Melissa, mint, valerian pour boiling water, cool drink to room temperature, strain and drink.

Get rid of spasm help infusion of chamomile or fennel.Just fill a large spoonful of any of these components and drink.Overall condition immediately improved.

eat in this case is prohibited.The liquid is recommended to drink unsweetened green tea rather weak and ordinary non-carbonated water with a little lemon slices.You must drink as often as possible.