Bran for constipation

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

People suffering from constipation, are deficient in plant tissue or require further enrichment of the diet with plant fibers.To compensate for the lack of fiber and normalize bowel movements, you should regularly eat wheat bran.They are cheap and available for the treatment and prevention of constipation.

Rough fiber bran retain water, thereby increasing and soften stool in the rectum, which in turn significantly improves and simplifies the process of defecation.Another fiber absorbs harmful microorganisms, and therefore improves and stabilizes intestinal microflora.Bran with constipation have a positive effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract, reducing the risk of ulcers, infectious diseases and cancer.Bran regulate acidity and have a choleretic effect, which is important for the prevention of gallstone disease and obesity.The bran many beneficial vitamins and minerals that help maintain the well-being and preservation of the attractive appearance.Bran can not be called a delicious meal, but the

y can long remain healthy and beautiful, feeling the lightness throughout the body.

How do the bran?

Wheat bran is a waste of grinding wheat, so they are almost entirely made up of insoluble dietary fiber.Passing through the intestines, coarse bran fiber binds excess fluid, removes the remnants of food and waste food, collects harmful microbes, toxins, toxins and bacteria.After that, all the excess is expelled without harm to human health and well-being.After such a total purification observed a significant improvement in the functions of the digestive system, liver and intestines, blood composition is updated, normal appetite and weight, eliminates stagnation, strengthens the immune system and uplifting.Bran cope with constipation - stool becomes regular, full and painless.

How to receive bran from constipation?

  • Wheat bran (2 tablespoons) boiled water or hot milk, insist within an hour and eat on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast.The course of treatment - one month.
  • Bran can be prepared in advance and there is twice a day - in the afternoon and evening.Treatment bran on this recipe also goes on for months.
  • Equally useful bran water - 4 Art.spoons of wheat bran is taken of Article 20.tablespoons of water, the mixture is brewed for several hours, and then filtered.The finished liquid should be drunk on an empty stomach constantly with honey, berry or fruit juice.
  • more bran water is produced in a different way: in a glass of wheat bran to take a liter of chilled water mixture infuse for 8 hours and then drink at least fix the problem in small sips in the morning, afternoon and evening before a meal.
  • bran is useful to add in its pure form to ready meals and drinks.So they improve intestinal peristalsis, deduce the excess cholesterol and cleanse the body of harmful substances.
  • To enhance the laxative effect bran mixed with honey or dried fruit and eaten in the amount of several spoonfuls before sleep.

consuming bran for constipation, do not forget to increase the intake of fluid per day, massage the abdomen and lead an active life.