Bran pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

Together with the fashion for healthy food in our lives includes new "right" foods, such as bran.They are positioned as an extremely useful ingredient that is saturated with lots of valuable substances.In addition, he has a low-calorie, and an affordable price.In a word, not a product, but a dream.But so bran is safe and whether there are any contraindications to their use?

Of course, as with any other kind of products, there are some limitations on their reception.In particular, it concerns persons suffering pancreatitis.

When can I eat bran for pancreatitis?

is strictly forbidden to use this product during the period of exacerbation.Enter in the diet of this further ingredient may be no earlier than on the eighth day after it passed another attack.

How to use the product?

If pancreatitis use bran in its pure form is strictly prohibited.Previously they should be carefully grind.This can be done by using a coffee grinder or blender.

After the product was pulverized, it is necessary to boil.The pr

ocess should take at least 10 minutes.But immediately after this cut can not be included in the diet.They must be present.It does not take more than a day.Then strain the broth, add a little honey.Sugar use is not recommended.And only after all these steps bran can be eaten.

Also important variety used bran.It is desirable to give preference to domestic producers.Product made from different cereals.If pancreatitis is recommended to give preference to such species - wheat, oat, oatmeal.These varieties will be most useful in these diseases.

also be included in the menu varied bread and bread, which include the natural ingredient.However, be aware that its composition in bakery products, in this case should not exceed 20%.

How much is recommended to eat bran?

Even in remission abuse bran, despite their usefulness, not worth it.The optimal dose of a day - no more than two large spoonfuls.This amount would be sufficient to have a beneficial effect on the whole body, to satiate its active ingredients contained in the bran, but it is absolutely not harm the body.