Fester eyes adult

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14 June 2016

Psychologists call the eye of the mirror of the soul, and doctors - mirror of the overall health of a person who, more than any other authority to report a violation of his work.Therefore, they are redness, inflammation, and even more so abscess are very alarming symptom.

Why fester eyes?

reasons for which may occur such a state can be a great many - from the banal allergy to a serious injury, but most of the inflammatory processes occur due to conjunctivitis or dacryocystitis.

In the first case, the illness will also be accompanied by such phenomena as:

  • tearing unfounded;
  • feeling cramps in the eyes;
  • discomfort in sunlight;
  • on the skin age crust is formed a yellowish tint.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by several factors.For example, the common cold, infection.The disease is highly contagious.Therefore, if someone in the inner circle is sick they are more likely to spread disease further through everyday.In addition, quite often with a patient's eye, and then it goes to the second.

the presence of the disease is very important to observe basic hygiene rules: use only your own towels, wash their hands regularly, in any case, do not rub the eyes with his hands.During treatment use only disposable tools that should be used for each eye separately.

At least festering eyes is due to underdevelopment of the tear duct.Scientifically disease called dacryocystitis.Determine the disease in this case can be based on additional grounds such as:

  • severe redness of the eye, which is accompanied by the accumulation of tears that do not drip the usual way, and accumulate;
  • pus collects in the corner of the eye.

disease is not a virus, so it is not transmitted to other people, and does not pass to the other eye.Affliction is a congenital condition, which from time to time makes itself felt in this way.

How to get rid of the festering eyes of an adult?In

if inflammation is not associated with an injury, but is caused by allergies, conjunctivitis or other ailment, you can manually apply a basic treatment.

chamomile in the amount of three large spoonfuls need to pour a glass of boiling water.The present composition for 3 hours, then drain.The herbal infusion dip a cotton pad and apply to the eyes for 15 minutes.The number of manipulations in the day should be no more than 5.

Excellent reduce inflammation and suppuration can use the decoction of the flowers of wild rose.It is also easy to cook.Raw pour a liter of water and boil it for 3 hours.Then cool down and the resulting broth is used for lotions.The method of application is the same as in the previous recipe.

will help get rid of the festering eyes and calendula.It follows to prepare the infusion.To do this, a large spoon plants pour a glass of boiling water.Insist couple of hours, and then used for lotions.

can be purchased ready-made tool in pharmacy.Modern pharmacology offers a variety of forms - ointments, drops.The composition of most of them are antibiotics, which help to relieve the process of suppuration.

In the case of inflammation alone can not be overcome, and for 5 days does not improve, you should immediately seek qualified medical help.Do not hesitate.

may cause festering eyes are other reasons.In this case, only a qualified ophthalmologist can make a diagnosis and prescribe a comprehensive treatment.