The red thread on her wrist

By Admin | Household Tricks
31 May 2016
Probably many have seen on the wrist red thread, maybe someone from your friends or just by chance on the street.But what does this thread know for sure a few.
thread tied at the wrist can be seen in any glossy magazine on the hand of a famous person, even though at first glance it seems there is no place.What is this, a manifestation of religious beliefs or just went to a fashion?
But, as it turns out, this tradition dates back to ancient times, when there was no special medicines, and medicine itself as such, too, did not exist.Thus, people have tried to cure a variety of ailments and diseases, and again, this tradition has survived to our time, it means that it has been used quite successfully.For example, from the dislocation and strain needed to tie the affected area woolen thread, which is significantly blunted the pain, and in some cases it is removed altogether.
red thread was made to tie in the left wrist by ancient Jews, who believed that such a talisman to protect them from the evil
eye, negative energy, as well as from disease and all sorts of troubles.Everyone has their own aura, which is in contact with a person with negative thoughts can learn from them, and a red thread on her wrist to prevent it.After taken over the negative energy can lead to illness or even commit bad deeds.
tie the thread needed to be entirely on the left hand, since the faith of the Jews through it and penetrates into human evil.The man who always wore a charm and never shot was protected from any negative energy and evil, whoever it may come.Evil could come not only from the servants of dark cult, but from quite ordinary-looking people who however had the evil eye or tongue.There is a mandatory condition that bind a red woolen thread on the arm should not the owner of the thread, and people close to him (his wife, a relative), which in thought there's nothing wrong against him.
Even in more recent times, this tradition took over the followers of Kabbalah, which is mandatory wearing only a red thread.They even found an explanation for this - the red color symbolizes the danger and the person having such an amulet protected from evil, since it discourages the thread.Also, according to Kabbalah, this amulet allows you to get rid of their own negative energy.It is believed that if a thread to tie a small child, it will not disturb the evil spirits.
But the thread was necessary not just to tie on his left wrist, and do it in a special way.A close person who thread tying the hands had to tie her seven knots, each of which symbolizes the spiritual dimension of life.And tying the knot should read a special prayer, and the future owner of the thread was at this time to mentally handle the forces of good and ask them to protect all people from bad.And so it had to tie each of the seven knots, and the thread itself before it should be recharged energy.Make it could be in one of the graves of the righteous.In Israel, for these purposes often chooses Rachel's grave - the biblical matriarch.
Probably only a few of wearing this amulet know the above information!