Pickled green tomatoes in a pan

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
29 June 2016

Pickled tomatoes - it's a great addition, as fries and a puree.The recipe for their preparation is very simple and does not require large financial costs.At the same time they taste it turns extraordinary.They have a pleasant sweet taste that perfectly complements the various dishes.

classic recipe


  • salt - about two tablespoons;
  • green tomatoes (Pick up small fruit);
  • currant leaves, leaves of cherry;
  • allspice, hot pepper;
  • leaves of horseradish.

Step by Step:

  1. At the bottom of the pan, place the leaves of currants and (or) the cherries.Add pepper.
  2. Tomatoes washed in water and put them in a container.
  3. start making brine.Water type in a saucepan (about one liter), bring it to a boil, and put salt.Stir the liquid ingredients to dissolve.
  4. pour hot brine tomatoes.Then on top of the container, place the leaves of horseradish, cover the yoke.

should take into account the fact that the herbs you can add on your own.Ideal parsley, tarragon, dill, celery, and so on. D. Because of

this your tomatoes will become brighter and more distinct taste.

important nuances

Please note that you can not just make sour green tomatoes, but those fruits that have a pinkish hue.This salt can be in the barrel, pan and conventional banks.Thus, you can decide what dishes to choose for this purpose, taking into account their needs.But remember, they will be ready in three weeks.Initially, the first three or four days is recommended to keep them warm, and then move to a cool dark place.While they are in heat, on top of the vegetables can be put gauze, which will be formed plenochka, it is necessary to collect.When the workpiece will be moved to another place, discard the gauze.

We should not forget that there are plenty of recipes, according to which the ferment with tomatoes and other vegetables can be.However, the experiment with this is undesirable, since all your efforts may be in vain.

And finally remember, pickled tomatoes are the most common among the pickles.This preform comprises incorporates many vitamins that are so essential to our body.Therefore, to use it, you'll not only enjoy her impeccable taste, but also to pamper the body with useful substances.