How to make the thing is not electrified?

By Admin | Household Tricks
30 May 2016

Many years have passed since then, when our mother told us about the fact that synthetic - is evil.Unfortunately, we do not listen to the covenants of our parents, we are stepping on the same rake again and again ...

Armani or Ray?

The so-called "electrifying" any male or female clothing contains a very simple physical principle.Each of us knows from his school course.The term "static electricity" is familiar to anyone who in any way attend school lessons.You can, of course, argue that, say, the materials have changed.It may be noted that the Soviet "Lana" and "Antistatic" gone for good, and well-known Italian and French fashion designers have come up with some unknown earthly people brilliant decision.But, nevertheless, the physical postulates as Newton's laws, has not been canceled!So, how to make the thing is not electrified?

Synthetics - the enemy of the best!

When in the early 50-ies of the last century, mankind has finally introduced the technology of production of synthetic yarn, it seemed

the revolution!Down with the expensive, not breathable silk fabrics!Down shapeless cotton consumer goods!Down with "Victorian" velvet and brocade!Synthetics - this is what will give us freedom!You can wear anything you want - but at least those most notorious training with a "bubble" on his knees - long live freedom!

However, despite the general excitement, women were the first to understand that this polymer fabric with all its "democratic" very unpleasant and intrusive stick to the skin, bringing sometimes completely unbearable feelings.

CB and PH: I will not give any shisha!

Surprisingly, the answer to the question "how to make the thing is not electrified" on the surface.At the very surface, which is called history.Despite the development of progress, the emergence of new technologies and materials response is still the same, proven for centuries - the smaller the synthetic fibers contained in your clothing, the less it will stick to the body.

This does not mean that you need to dress in corsets of the XVI century, to wear with them and learn livretok 18th part "Marlezonskogo ballet."But wear cotton or wool blend things - is not only practical, but also beautiful!In addition, we need only reflect on one simple question - why linen cloth, even if not from the classic fashion is much more expensive than a painted most synthetics?Just a simple test: antistatic come with the latest in the market.