Swelling of the knee: Causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

We all know that the swelling of the knee - a specific inflammatory process, or some damage that entails swelling of the muscles and tissues of the body, which are located around the bone.This symptom is very bad, because not only causes pain, but also a lot of inconvenience, that poison our lives.For example, severe pain, impaired mobility, redness of the skin.

causes of swelling of the knee joint

Arise swelling of the knee joint may be for the following reasons:

  • Osteoarthritis.It leads to severe swelling.When inflammation of the body secretes a special synovial fluid, which goes beyond the so-called joint capsule and it is not surprising, since it has damage that complicate the process of fluid retention.
  • Gout.Severe pain occurs while walking.The fact is that the joint contains a large amount of uric acid, which the body is not excreted in the urine.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.It is an autoimmune disease which is caused by a failure of the immune system.In some cases, it affects the knee joint.
  • Arthritis.Perhaps the most common reason.The above disease leads to cartilage that gradually degenerate and eventually ossify.Swelling occurs due to the friction of two fabrics, which are deformed.The most frequently observed in the elderly.
  • tissue infections.They are caused by certain bacteria or viruses.Infection occurs after injury.
  • Synovitis and bursitis.Edema is formed due to the fact that synovial fluid accumulates in the wrong place or released properly.
  • psoriatic arthritis.It is in all cases associated with skin diseases, which are called "psoriasis."It should take into account the fact that arthritis toes can cause a slight swelling in the joint.
  • Oedema peripheral.Formed due to the fact that there are problems with the circulation of the blood.One, in this case, usually the leg swells more than one, and two immediately.
  • damaged knee ligaments.In most cases it takes the form of tensile or torn ligaments.In this case, the patient feels a sharp pain, a feeling of instability, there is a sharp swelling.
  • inflammation of the tendon.It is accompanied by swelling, pain.

What you should know

Please note that the swelling of the knee joint can reach large sizes, rising above him seven centimeters, and can be significant.But be that as it may, in all cases, it is associated with the occurrence of inflammation.However, before you start matched via the Internet treatment, you must consult your doctor and determine the cause of its occurrence.So do not delay the time, be sure to consult your physician, who will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.If for some reason you can not do it in the coming days, use our tips to help reduce the pain arose.So:

  • apply a cold press;
  • use analgesic ointments;
  • visit physiological procedures.

Important is the fact that often the patient is asked to review your diet and stick to a particular diet, because only complex treatment provides a quick and effective results.

And finally remember, swelling of the knee joint - it is not a disease, but only a consequence of any wrongdoing in the body or in the joint.Therefore, get rid of it a little, it is necessary to eliminate the very cause, and do it without the help of a specialist is not possible.