Swelling of the nose without a cold: Causes

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14 June 2016

If you have a stuffy nose, but there are no symptoms, which in most cases is accompanied by a classic flu, colds, or SARS, it causes great concern.Let's understand this issue in more detail.

Causes symptom

Nasal congestion without showing any symptoms can occur for the following reasons:

  • polyps.The formation of polyps occur in different ways.In this case, the cold can be either slightly expressed or absent.
  • first day before the manifestation of the disease.If the protective functions of the body are weakened, there is such a symptom.As mucus, it may be delayed.
  • side effects of drugs.In most cases, this reaction causes nasal drug application.
  • adenoids.If the adenoids are enlarged, it does not lead to the common cold, there is a symptom of how the overlap vozduhotoka throat.Thus it can be partial.It can also be much stuffy nose.
  • sinusitis, sinuitis can cause the above symptoms.In particular, this applies to those cases where the sinuses are clogged with pus.In most cases of the disease are obse
    rved raising the temperature, headaches.
  • poor nutrition.If the body is an excess of sugar, it causes swelling and, of course, nasal congestion.
  • allergy.These reactions are atypical, can manifest nasal nasal passages or copious mucus out of the body.
  • Vasomotor rhinitis.Violation of certain mechanisms that are responsible for metabolism in the nasopharynx, the violation of reflex or nerve function leads to a certain reaction of the nasal mucosa.
  • Dehydration of the mucosa.Overdrying nasopharyngeal mucosa is also one of the most common causes.It can happen because of the smoke, dust, exhaust gases or alcohol abuse.

Removing swelling of the nose?

Note that before you begin treatment swelling of the nose, it is necessary to understand the causes that provoke its occurrence.Identify it can be on the symptoms that occur.

Allergic rhinitis:

  • lack of charm;
  • cavity acquires another bluish;
  • snoring during sleep;
  • lack of taste;
  • tear release.

Over time, the swelling may increase, amid the pain will appear.However, it is a physiological process and it will take place after the elimination of the allergen.

nose Bruising:

  • swelling;
  • bleed (not always observed);
  • pain in the nose;
  • bruise, which can manifest as soft tissue near the respiratory and eye.

In this case, the swelling can be removed with the help of folk remedies, which are time-tested and do not cause side effects.

infectious and viral diseases:

  • breathing begins to be laid;
  • frequent sneezing;
  • loss of charm;
  • itching.

In this case, it is recommended more rest, sleep well, and of course, eat a lot of liquid.Monitor your health.With his deteriorating take drugs designed to combat viral infections.

treat the cause of nasal congestion in the absence of a cold to properly picking up a professional approach, because we know many cases where self-deteriorating health of man and led to the emergence of serious diseases.So do not risk it, please contact the quality clinics, which have modern equipment and famous professional doctors.It is very important for your health.Lost time, inappropriate drugs and the wrong diagnosis can lead to disastrous consequences.

Stay healthy!