Can you run through breastfeeding?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 June 2016

after pregnancy and birth of a young mom like myself to return to the old form, and not look like a big and bulky cloud.The best option to restore its beauty are physical activity, namely - running.But can strain the body after such a difficult period?Let's look together.

When can I start playing sports?

Doctors do not recommend loading the body at a time when only getting better lactation.It takes 3-6 months.If you work out before, it can only cause complications: the deterioration of women's health, burnout milk.Therefore, the first half is better simply to dedicate a child, because they are usually the most difficult.Instead

best sports aerobics.If you have a birth went without complications and easily, you can begin to train the muscles of the abdomen and back.Simple exercises restore the old tone of press and oblique muscles.In no case can not practice with a focus on the muscles of the chest.It is contraindicated during the entire period of breastfeeding!

If the body is ready ...

When after delivery will take 6 months, and you have enough to work on strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and back, you can move on to more difficult exercises.Regarding racing expert opinions differ: some are categorically against, others nothing wrong with that do not.The problem is that while running breast overtaxed because of vibrations.This may cause pain or even cause burnout milk.Some girls take a risk and buy support for training bras pitted.But this does not always save.

What if I want to run anyway?

If you feel that you have strong enough after birth, and are confident that the race will not cause any complications, first consult their intentions with your doctor.Then, be sure to consult a coach to a nearby fitness center.Only a specialist can make you the right schedule sport that does not hurt you or your child.It will determine how much time you have to deal with what kind of racing use, gradually increase the load.

Ignore the advice of a doctor and a coach can not in any case.This can lead to unpleasant consequences.Even if your girlfriend breastfed and are actively involved in sports, it does not mean that you too can afford it.Even the difference in body can cause complications.It is better not to rush and to enjoy motherhood as possible.The

replace running?

  • try to sit less.If possible, stand still, even this will help burn the calories;
  • if you hold on to the hands of a child or just talk on the phone, walk around the room or on the ground;
  • walks - a great helper on the path to harmony;
  • try not to use the elevator and take the stairs;
  • walking with a stroller, do not sit on the ground and walk through the park, communicate with friends, go shopping.