Swelling of the hands and feet: Causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

of edema vast majority of people associate with excess fluid in the body.Trying to solve the problem by reducing the consumption of water, hardly anyone thinks that poses a threat of dehydration, which is dangerous to health.In fact, the causes of swelling of the hands and feet can be caused by various pathologies, and therefore need to seek professional help.

main reasons for

Very often, swelling of hands and feet can be caused by trauma.The fact that the lesion with traumatizing fluid can build up, which eventually lead to swelling.

swelling of the hands or feet without falling over time, can indicate the presence of certain infections in the body, or the development of allergy.In these pathologies typically be local edema is localized only on one of the limbs.For example, if the infection hit the kidneys, the swelling will be observed only in the hands, and it will be most clearly visible in the morning, even if people did not drink at night a lot of water and not drink salty foods.If an allergi

c reaction occurs, the swelling will be accompanied by additional symptoms such as redness, rash, itching and flaking of the skin.

Often swelling of hands and feet are seen in obese people.The fact that in the presence of overweight failures occur in the operation of the lymphatic system.

happens that first swell feet, and after a few days you will notice that the swelling was struck and upper limbs.In this case, it is recommended to visit a cardiologist to check heart function.Swelling, accompanied by shortness of breath and pain in the chest, high blood pressure, referred to as the heart and indicate the need for immediate adoption of appropriate measures.

swelling of the fingers and hands, observed in conjunction with symptoms such as constant sleepiness and fatigue, excessive hair loss and dry skin tend to talk about the thyroid gland.On the scientific medical terms this condition is called myxedema.

Hands and feet can swell and cause disruptions in water exchange.If the body is badly displays excess fluid, the swelling would be a natural phenomenon.Most often this occurs in the hot season, when a person consumes large amounts of water.

In addition, the appearance of swelling in the hands and feet may be associated with severe physical stress or mental fatigue, poor diet, alcohol abuse and sedentary lifestyle.Also, swelling of the extremities may be a symptom of pre-menstrual period in women, or talk about venous disease.

Swelling in pregnancy

swelling of the hands and feet often occur during pregnancy, and the phenomenon is, in most cases physically reasonable.The fact that the uterus, increased in size, has a strong pressure on the ureter.However, if the mother-in addition to all concerned about high blood pressure or she is rapidly gaining weight, you should seek the assistance of the attending physician.

But to try to solve the problem yourself, undoing the amount of fluids you drink, pregnant strictly prohibited.It may harm not only the health of the woman, but also the fetus.In addition, when the body will receive less usual dose of water, it will create a pool of liquid.As a result, only the swelling increase.