First aid for laryngeal edema

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13 June 2016

Laryngeal edema - a dependent disease.It's either the consequences of any disease or manifestation of the pathological process.This condition is quite dangerous because it can lead to the complete strangulation of the patient, resulting in a person can just die, if time does not provide him with the necessary first aid.

larynx swells Why?

this physiological process can be divided into two stages - non-inflammatory and inflammatory.The first stage - this is nothing, as a form of laryngeal sore throats, laryngitis, festering root of the tongue and a variety of other ailments.Also like swelling may occur as a result of a spinal injury, mouth or throat.

second type of laryngeal edema, which experts called non-inflammatory, caused by any malfunctions in the heart, the kidneys.Often thus it is allergic to the use of dosage forms of foods.In addition, non-inflammatory stage laryngeal edema may be a consequence of squeezing the veins or lymphatic vessels, liver cirrhosis.

Children laryngeal edema may occur

due to the use of too hot food, mechanical damage to the body of a foreign body.

First aid for laryngeal edema

At the slightest sign of laryngeal edema is necessary to address immediately in an ambulance.Signs of laryngeal edema are bluish complexion, increasing dyspnea, gravelly and hoarse voice, barking cough.

seek medical help should be as fast as possible, as in this case, literally, every minute is the account of the efficiency and the arrival of medical, literally, will depend on a person's life.Medical services not rendered in time could lead to the fact that the patient will die from lack of oxygen.

Before the arrival of the ambulance is not idle.It is recommended to take such medical measures:

  • Remove person clothing that may hinder breathing.If you do it completely impossible, should at least open collar, remove the scarf, tie a scarf.In short everything that can further complicate the patient's breathing.
  • As if triggered by the action of the larynx of any allergen, you should immediately terminate this component on the patient.For example, to stop using the medication, food, remove the sting of an insect.
  • also recommended that where possible to immerse the hands or feet of the patient in a fairly hot water.Its temperature should range from 39 ° C to 40 ° C.
  • fairly efficient impact on laryngeal edema adrenaline hydrochloride 1%.It must be evenly sprinkled on to the entire surface of the larynx.
  • also recommended to drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops any that are available at your fingertips.
  • If possible, you can enter antihistamines, such as such as "Suprastin", "Tavegil", "pipolfen" and others that are currently in the medicine cabinet.

often laryngeal edema can be triggered by injection of the drug, or an insect bite.In this case, first aid will be in the fact that slightly above the penetration of allergen necessary to apply a tourniquet.This method will not spread further in the allergen body through the bloodstream.

After first aid, who will direct the specialists when the swelling will be removed, proceed to the treatment of the underlying disease, which resulted in such consequences.For example, if the laryngeal edema - a direct consequence of allergy physician prescribes a course of antihistamines or corticosteroids assigned rate.

Quite often there is swelling of the throat, and as a result of advanced forms of infectious disease - angina.To further not aggravate the condition and result in death, requires competent medical care, which will be the appointment of antibacterial therapy.Typically, in this case assigned reception rate powerful antibiotics.

Thus, competent answer to the question, what to do in the swelling of the throat, will immediately seek competent medical help, and before the arrival of doctors to take up these measures.