Laryngeal edema: symptoms

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13 June 2016

Swelling of the throat, faced a huge number of adults and children, gives sensation of pain and discomfort when swallowing, and usually accompanied by a number of other unpleasant symptoms.In contrast to the swelling of the throat, swelling of the throat has a far greater danger to the health and even life.Rapidly developing, this condition imperceptibly by visual inspection, but impeding breathing person without proper immediate responses, can even lead to death.Let's see if there is any indication we can say that there is a swelling of the larynx?


laryngeal edema of the larynx is called a part of the upper respiratory tract.During swallowing, the epiglottis through the entrance to the larynx is closed.For this reason, laryngeal edema is not observed for colds.Swelling of the larynx can occur for various reasons.In most cases, this condition is associated with the development of an allergic reaction or manifestation of acts of angioedema, localized on the face.In addition, the swelling of t

he larynx may occur as a result of anaphylactic shock, which can cause even the sting of a bee or wasp.Children laryngeal edema occurs during the development of the edematous form of laryngitis.


As already noted, laryngeal edema can not always be seen by visual inspection.The fact that there is this pathological condition may be suspected by accompanying signs.For laryngeal edema is often accompanied by pronounced signs of intoxication, which include chills and fever.When swallowing, which is given quite painful, the patient has a feeling that his throat is a foreign object.

view irritation receptors in laryngeal edema may be a dry cough, which worsens the situation.However, cough may also occur because of concurrent bronchitis.Shortness of breath, which is also a characteristic manifestation of laryngeal edema may be due to the fact that the patient did not want to feel pain, restrains itself in the desire to cough well.

When swelling of the larynx of the patient's voice is broken.In the early stages of a pathological condition arises hoarseness.When not taking the necessary measures to treat the voice of all time disappears and the person can only speak in a whisper (Athos).

patient has shortness of breath, his skin noticeably pale, the heart beats more often, there is cyanosis of the lips and fingertips, the patient throws in a cold sweat.In order to take a breath, a person must make great efforts (this can be traced as the drawn intercostal spaces of the patient).

important to urgently deliver the patient to the doctor, because otherwise the probability of acute circulatory failure, the rapid decrease in pressure and loss of pulse.From brain hypoxia can occur death.