Why can not wash when you are sick?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

It is well known statement that while colds can not wash.But many sane people question the reason for this prohibition.Why should we ignore the elementary rules of hygiene because of cough, runny nose and temperature?

In fact, if you look, it's just a myth.Wash during illness is possible and even necessary.The only important - you need to choose the right water temperature.Doctors say that hygiene is necessary, despite the not very good state of health, and even fever.Without water treatment where human health is exposed to greater risk.And if the illness lasts a week or two?Is life worth to poison themselves and others, not taking a shower?

ban on cleaning during illness concerns hot tubs and steam bath.The elevated temperature water vapor and causes the body temperature also increases.If you have a fever, it will adversely affect overall health.Therefore, the temperature of water is best limited to about body temperature - no higher than 37 ° C.And if you wash in the bath, do not go in the steam ro

om and do not spend a lot of time in the bath.

Note the humidity in the room.If it exceeds 60%, then your illness may worsen as mucous will be even more annoyed.The optimum humidity for colds person - from 40 to 60%, but not higher.While bathing in the bath and usually these figures are exceeded, and this is associated with a ban on washing.

Do not mix alcohol with water treatments.Bath and Russian vodka is considered the best remedy for colds.But if you really want to get better quickly, limit or strong drinks, or washing.

The bath can add decoctions of herbs.For example, you can combine business with pleasure: to wash away the sweat and make inhalation salubrious solution.As permitted herbs for colds can be called a sage, chamomile, lime, mint, eucalyptus.All of them are beneficial to a person during his illness.

can not wash if you feel unwell people who have heart problems.If you have high blood pressure, impaired blood flow, then you should also give up the bath and the bath during the illness.But a quick shower to wash off the sweat will enable, refresh your body and pleasure.Only when the disease is better to bathe in the evening and immediately after the procedure to go to bed.