How to treat a yeast infection after taking antibiotics?

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13 June 2016

One of the side effects of treatment with antibiotics - a candidiasis, which is better known as thrush.It develops as a result of an imbalance of microflora of the intestinal mucosa, mouth, and women and even the vagina.Under normal conditions, the fungus Candida does not cause anxiety, but under the influence of antibiotics begins to rapidly multiply and cause unpleasant symptoms - curd discharge and itching of the external genitalia.The earlier treatment is started, the more it will be successful and take a cure will require less time and money.

finding - the first step in the treatment of

The first step that you need to do - is to consult a gynecologist for further diagnosis.Even if you are pretty sure that you have a yeast infection after taking antibiotics, only gynecologist on the basis of analyzes and symptoms can properly diagnose the disease.Similar symptoms may be accompanied by various gynecological and venereal diseases, so if you do self-medicate and to deal with non-existent disease ca

n lose time.When the results of smears will show that you really thrush, only then proceed to treatment.

treatment of thrush

If you are to relieve the itching and discomfort spend douching after confirmation of the diagnosis stop these procedures.They create an alkaline environment in the vagina, preventing the body to fight bacteria.It is with the help of drugs topical create a slightly acidic environment to sustain life of lactobacilli.For this purpose, gels or creams, for example Ginokomfort.

next step - is the restoration of the vaginal flora.Oral capsules or tablets used Vagilak and locally - candles or vaginal tablets Vaginorm-C.

duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease is determined by the attending physician.Typically, the final relief of symptoms 5-7 days is enough, but to secure the outcome your doctor may continue treatment with drugs - or probiotics Normospectrum Normoflorin-L.They will have to decide within three months - so much time is required to fully restore the microflora as the vagina and in the intestines.

If the disease is started?

When inflammation occurs in the active form and is clearly expressed, appointed systemic drugs that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and have an effect directly on the site of infection.The most effective means of containing fluconazole, part of the drug Forkan, Medoflyukan, Diflucan, and the like.This is a single use medication (150 mg), but with very advanced forms of yeast is assigned a longer course of treatment - a week or more.

Other drugs that are effective in combating a fungus contain a substance consisting of itraconazole, a drug such as Orgunal.Its reception is also often prescribed disposable.

What needs to be done?

Along with the treatment of thrush start taking medicine for intestinal candidiasis - it always accompanies the disease, if it is caused by taking antibiotics.Analyses on intestinal microflora do not need, just propyl biological weapons and enter into the diet of dairy products such as greater or Bifilife Bifidok.Because medications can select Laktumbakterinu or Bifidumbacterin.Effective means of containing lactose, fat and amino acids and lactic acid, known as Hilak Forte.

Whenever you are treated with antibiotics, observe your body in time to begin treatment as thrush are almost always appears after this type of medication.