Is it possible to get a tan through the glass?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Probably, every person who drives a car, noticed that the hand that is closer to the glass, light up a lot faster.Really, you can sunbathe and through the glass?And if so, why many people visit a solarium, instead of sunbathing on the balcony?Let's understand this issue in more detail.

little about the anatomy and physics

Sunbeams include lots of different types of electromagnetic radiation.While some types of the human body perceives as heat, and others - as the light.However, the ultraviolet light, which gives us a bronze tan, we do not feel and do not see.All of the ultraviolet rays can be divided into three types:

  1. long wavelength.Effects on the human body quickly, penetrates deeply into the epidermis, resulting in a slight redness (it may take a few seconds), the reduction of collagen, collagen precursors appear, may cause allergic reactions.This radiation is not dangerous, but getting it in large quantities, the aging process is greatly accelerated.
  2. Shortwave.This radiation is well dissipat
    ed.In large quantities can cause skin cancer, burns, gives a quick tan.
  3. Gamma rays.Do not have on the body is almost no effect.

Can I sunbathe through the glass?

window - a transparent material that transmits only the long-wave ultraviolet light.So you can get redness and light tan.However, it will not be resistant, since the intensity of the rays is negligible.As gamma rays and shortwave ultraviolet radiation, to pass through such a product, they may not.

Window tan can give results only if our skin was melanin.Thus, the long-wave ultraviolet radiation penetrates the epidermis and it has its effect, causing the skin may darken and four months after the holidays, when people sunbathing or for a long time was in the street.

As you can see, getting a nice tan is not as easy as it seems at first glance.So do not go to extremes, sunbathing on the balcony, using a self-tanning agents, or by visiting the solarium, harmful to the body.It is best to go to the sea, to relax your body and soul and, of course, to buy bronze shade.

Enjoy your summer!