Can I sunbathe in psoriasis in the sun?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Our modern world is full of a variety of viruses and diseases.Scientists simply can not keep up with the rapid pace of development of harmful microorganisms and bacteria.Everyone, of course, aware that a variety of diseases should be wary of the reasons complications of the disease.For example, diseases of the pancreas, or gastritis should adhere to a strict diet, in any case, not warming purulent inflammation, coughs and bronchitis do not drink cold drinks and so on.

Many people who live with the problem of psoriasis, asking: "is it possible to sunbathe and get a tan at the qualitative manifestation of this disease?".This is a very topical issue, as the beach season is not far off.Let's understand in more detail in it.

useful dosage

sun Sunlight is very useful for people who suffer from this unpleasant disease, but to get rid of the symptoms of high quality of this disease, you should get the right tan.If you want high-quality and well-tanned, the first thing you remember about the dose of ultravi

olet radiation that will get your body.The first contact with the sun's rays should last no more than 10 minutes.Such a short period will protect your skin from overheating.The duration of tanning under the sun can be increased every 2-3 days for 4-5 minutes.This will allow your skin to gradually adapt to the impact of the sun and protect against "burning".

healing effects

benefits of sunbathing in the fact that during the tanning of the upper layer of the epidermis is gradually degraded, which prompts the body's defensive reaction, namely, accelerates regeneration of skin cells.This leads to a reduction in plaque psoriasis patient ceases to disturb the constant itching.It is also gradually reduced the number of skin peeling and scabbing of the epidermis.Also during the enhanced regeneration of the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation of the solar spectrum, the skin becomes thicker, and therefore the amount of blood, enriching the skin, also increases the oxygen, which ultimately gives the patient this disease qualitative and long-term remission.Pridelnyh tanning time should not exceed 30-40 minutes.

To avoid burns

Also do not forget that only the correct tanning process is useful.If you are from the first day lay in the sun for 1-2 hours, it can cause severe burns of the skin, which in turn exacerbate the disease and, as often happens, it may even worsen the situation.To avoid falling into this situation, reduce alcohol on vacation to a minimum, it is often the reason people forget about the right tanning process.When you are receiving a regular sunbath and feel severe itching, immediately abort the entire procedure and consult a doctor.Also, throughout the long period that you are going to spend in the sun for a season, try to stick to the diet, as fat and junk food will cause sweating, which is not very good at the initial stage for Sun damaged skin.

Happiness health

Generally speaking, the sunlight - it's just an excellent remedy for people suffering from psoriasis.If you correctly and competently to sunbathe, you will be able to for a long time to forget about this unpleasant disease.If earlier after a brief remission of psoriasis just returned immediately, after sun treatments you get a very long-term remission, and if the disease will come back, it will be very slow and imperceptible process.So safely gather views and receive free treatment from nature itself, but always keep in mind the dangers of excessive amounts of sun.

Relax properly and stay healthy!