Can I sunbathe while breastfeeding?

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13 June 2016

birth of a child - it's a great joy that is looking forward not only to the expectant mother, and all her family.For the nine months of pregnancy, you are likely to become accustomed to the different constraints that you faced in nutrition, physical activity, and so on. D. However, limit yourself to need in the future, during lactation, but should not be scared, as mostsuch "taboo" - is nothing more than myths and misconceptions of our ancestors.

What you should know

Milk - a fluid that is produced from the lymph and blood.Thus, the main limitation should touch pollutants that fall into our bloodstream.We should not forget that there are certain exceptions, certain substances have larger molecules, which prevents them from entering into the milk.Thus virtually all the substances from the blood circulating in the milk and back.Therefore, it is meaningless to express after administration of drugs or alcohol.

sun's rays do not affect lactation and milk quality.It is because of this sunbathing women, b

reastfeeding is not contraindicated.However, if possible, doctors recommend to give up this idea, because, as numerous studies have shown, is the desire to be beautiful often leads to serious consequences, including to cancer.If you are planning holidays by the sea, observe the following recommendations.

Can I use a solarium?

beautiful tan looks stylish.In pursuit of a bronze tint women are willing to sacrifice free time and money by visiting a solarium.As for nursing mothers, the ultraviolet radiation will not appear on milk production.But be that as it may, during breastfeeding abused this procedure is not recommended.The thing is that this time - this time the activity of growth hormone secretion.It is now increasing mole, spot, and so on. D. Ultraviolet radiation significantly increases the process.

Terms Sun:

  • cabinet must be clean;
  • not sunbathe naked breasts and nipples must be covered;
  • the procedure should not exceed five minutes;
  • Pick up a good sunscreen as the smell and its composition may be displayed on the quality of milk.Preference was given to popular businesses and in any case do not skimp on such an important purchase.

natural tan

salt water, sea air, the hot sand ... With the arrival of summer, many young mothers are dreaming about vacation.But do not forget that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause pigmentation, because breastfeeding leads to the hormones that are responsible for the increase in breast cancer.

Terms Sun:

  • Under the direct rays of the sitting contraindicated.Use an umbrella or farther from the beach, in the shade of the trees.
  • visited beaches to ten in the morning or after five in the evening.This is the safest period for sunbathing.
  • Use sunscreen.They should be of high quality.
  • Drink plenty of water.But keep in mind, it should not be mineral water or juice shop.Preference is given to ordinary water.
  • first few days on the beach do not spend more than two hours.
  • Arriving home, be sure to take a shower to wash off the salt, sand and relax the body.

And finally remember, breastfeeding women, just need vitamin D, which we "gives" the sun.Therefore refuse completely from the sun is not necessary.Everything should be in moderation and, of course, with all the necessary regulations.