Can I use a solarium without cream?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Here come warm days, we have been waiting with impatience.Now you can wear your favorite pants, short tops and light dresses.That's just to flaunt his "aristocratic tan" is not very much and want.Out here alone - as quickly as possible to get a nice tan.To achieve this goal in two ways: by means of special self-tanning cosmetic or solarium.This second method is more popular as lasts longer and looks more beautiful.

Modern solariums are safe under all necessary rules.However, customers still a lot of questions.One of the most frequently asked: "Is it possible to use a solarium without cream?".So let's understand in the same detail.

Why is it needed?

Before going to the solarium, be sure to pick up for themselves a good quality cream.The thing is that, thanks to its application you will achieve quick results and, of course, the desired shade, because its composition contains special agents that target melanin.Plus, it is perfectly moisturizes the skin and protects against UV and retains water-lipid ba

lance of the body.Also, as confirmed by the study, the cream helps the tan last longer, but the feeling after the procedure pleasant.

Note that sunscreen cosmetics that you take to the beach for the solarium are not appropriate.Here you need to choose the means for tanning.Yes, of course, I find it not as easy as one would like, but the result is worth it.

What will the refusal of a cream?

If you do not want to use a special tool designed for tanning, you should know that it can lead to:

  • premature aging of the skin, covered with fine wrinkles;
  • dry skin, dehydrate it;
  • fugitive sunburn.

So do not skimp on such a right and necessary means, because as you have seen the consequences of its non-application so very "strict".Buying tanner, give their preference for quality products from well-known manufacturers.They cost a bit more expensive, but their composition is much better than in other media.Such means will not cause irritation, dryness, or allergies, as meets the necessary standards.

nice even tan!