Can I sunbathe after chickenpox?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

infectious disease is very common among children.However, the medicine is well known many cases where adults had chickenpox.The body of adult marked as a small rash, and dried crust.At the same symptoms in adults and children is significantly different.So, for example, a rash appears in children over 2-5 days of illness, but in adults it can appear during the first nine days of the disease.Plus, on the background of chickenpox in adults in most cases, developing a number of other diseases, such as pneumonia.

Please note that the disease is very dangerous for adults as it joins a bacterial disease that significantly impairs health.Therefore it is very important to follow all the recommendations of the doctor.

Sunburn after chickenpox

Sunbathing immediately after chickenpox is by no means impossible.This applies to both children and adults.The thing is that it can lead to age spots that remain on our bodies for several years.

Some people claim that tanning immediately after chickenpox, and their ski

n condition has not worsened, and even, on the contrary, improved.It has become matt, smoother, the scars disappeared.In fact, in practice this is extremely rare, but, whatever it was, every body is individual and different can react to ultraviolet radiation after chickenpox.To risk or not - it's up to you.Remember, the consequences can be more serious than you imagine that.Therefore, a responsible approach to this issue, taking into account all the "pros" and "cons", because the skin is easy to mess up, but difficult to restore.

Tan and scars

We should not forget that after the crust formed completely disappeared, light tan can hide scars that remain after an illness.However, for this purpose it is best to use ointments and creams that are composed of natural ingredients.The beneficial effect of providing products that contain collagen, vitamin E. The best ointments are Ebermin and D-panthenol.Also miracle cream can try to cook at home.For this it is necessary to mix the essential oil, vegetable oil and rosemary.Each ingredient must be a few drops.The resulting mixture was applied three times a day on the damaged areas.If the scars do not go, use laser resurfacing.This procedure is carried out in almost all beauty salons.

And finally, remember, if you are still in doubt and do not know what to do - sun or not, consult your doctor, because it was he who carried out the treatment, have seen how your body fights infection as reacts toa particular drug.Coming out of the above, it will give the right advice that will not harm your skin and your health.However, the physician should be experienced, have experience in this field.

Stay beautiful!