Jam of chili peppers

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
27 June 2016

As is known, each person has his own taste.Some like a sour, the second - a sweet tooth, and the third - an acute.However, there are dishes that captivate the hearts of many people, not depending on their eating habits, with the first spoonful.One of these dishes is chili jam.It has a unique taste, a pleasant aroma and, surprisingly, combined with many products.Well suited to his cheese and meat.

If this year you indulge the nature of a bountiful harvest, be sure to take a few pieces of this vegetable.Believe me, this jam you'll love and surprise family.

chilli jam


  • vinegar (best suited white wine) - Twenty milliliters;
  • apples (juicy fruit) - half a kilogram;
  • sugar - three hundred and fifty grams;
  • allspice;
  • coriander - four pea;
  • star anise - one star;
  • pungent red pepper - sixty grams;
  • pepper - five hundred grams.

Step by Step:

  1. Fruits and vegetables, rinse in water and dry with paper towels.With apples, remove the skin, remove seeds from fruits and vegetables.
  2. apples and peppers cut into pieces, put in a container and add the sugar.Set aside a day.Then, turn a small fire, put on him the contents of the container and bring to a boil.Now it is necessary to reduce the fire and cook for about forty minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Whisk all ingredients blender.Re-set the pan on the fire, add the appropriate spices.Thirty minutes later, add the vinegar and cook for another five minutes workpiece.Then allow the jam to cool, remove it from the star anise and leave for a day.
  4. jam Bring to a boil, pour into jars and roll them.

Jam of chili and orange juice


  • sugar - two kilograms;
  • cardamom - six pieces;
  • lemon - three of them;
  • apples (at your option) - two kilograms;
  • orange juice - squeezed from three large oranges;
  • walnut - two kilograms;
  • anise - half a teaspoon.

Step by Step:

  1. Pepper bitter seeds and cleaned from the stalk.This prodelyvat the procedure recommended with a bandage and gloves, otherwise you risk to burn your hands and the respiratory tract.Cut it into pieces.With apples, remove the peel, cut into slices.Lemon wash, cut into cubes.Skins do not shoot!
  2. ingredients put into a container, add the sugar and orange juice.Leave for a day.The next day, place the pan on the fire, add the spices.Cook is necessary as long as the apples will soften.
  3. Whisk ingredients.Bring to a boil again and pour the jam into jars.Bon Appetit!