Cocktail "Strawberry Margarita"

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
27 June 2016

Romantic and fashionable cocktail "Strawberry Margarita" has long won the hearts of many people.He is one of the varieties of the classic "Margarita".The only difference is that the strawberry season this berry added to its composition, thereby giving the drink unrivaled sweet notes.But the combination of flavor overseas tequila, fresh lime and sweet flavor of strawberries will not leave anyone indifferent.

Please note that the cocktail of the classic "Margarita" is distinguished not only by the presence of red berries, he prepares very differently.Therefore, if you want to cook a yummy home, be sure to follow step by step instructions.The only way you can make a drink that the taste will not differ from that which is served in expensive restaurants.

So, for this purpose you need this technique as a blender, citrus press, jig and of course, the very Margarita.


  • orange liqueur - Thirty milliliters;
  • strawberries (fresh) - one hundred and five grams;
  • ice (to be crushed) - one hundred
    and sixty grams;
  • lime - forty grams;
  • silver tequila - fifty milligrams;
  • sugar - two grams.

Step by Step:

  1. For a start must be made on the glass so-called sugar okaemku.
  2. strawberries, rinse in water, put in a blender for about six berries and grind it.Then, in a clean container, pour orange liqueur and silver tequila.Mix the ingredients.Lime squeeze the maximum amount of juice.
  3. In a blender add ice, chop it using this technique.The contents pour into pre-chilled glass, designed for a cocktail.Garnish with strawberries drink.

As you can see, the cook and can be expensive cocktail at home, without the high cost of money and time.To cope with such a task everyone can.So if you really want to surprise your loved ones, do not be afraid that you do not get - act.We should not forget that there are other varieties of the classic "Margarita".The most popular today enjoy such drinks as "Pomegranate Margarita," "Summer Queen", "Fusion crash", "Margarita sugar" and "Berry daiquiri smoothies."The above beverages can also be made at home.

Bon appetit!