Pickled pumpkin

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
27 June 2016

Pumpkin, like beets or carrots perfectly stored all winter in fresh form, but in the winter squash can be booze in the same way as the cabbage.At the same time all of its useful properties is not only not disappear, but also enhances the fermentation process.

contained in pickled pumpkin beta-carotene helps to improve memory, and is useful for vision, vitamin A, B, C help prevent seasonal vitamin deficiency and strengthen the immune system.In addition, organic compounds formed in the fermentation process and gives the pumpkin a characteristic acidity, have antimicrobial action.Because of this resistance to pathogenic microbes increases, plus improves digestion.

ferment for the winter squash is very simple.To do this, take a large enamel pot, and it is better - wood the tub.Pumpkin (3-4 kg), washed, cleaned of hard skin and seeds.Cut into small cubes (5x5 cm).Put in a saucepan and cover with water.Blanch 5 minutes at a mild reflux.Transfer to prepared for the pickling tank.

Separately cook the brine

of boiled water (1-1.5 liters), salt, ground red pepper (to taste).Stir until the brine until salt crystals are fully dissolved.Pour them blanched pumpkin.Cover with oppression.

your pumpkin to ferment for several days in a room with ambient temperature.Then send the finished product for storage in the refrigerator or cellar.In winter, pickled pumpkin bring to the table as an appetizer to meat dishes.

pumpkin Sauerkraut sauerkraut

can use other means fermented pumpkins winter.This will require 2 kg of fresh pumpkin pulp bright orange and finished sauerkraut, which must be pre-ferment in a standard way.In addition, the brine must take boiled water (4 L), 100 grams of sugar and 150 grams of salt.

pumpkin, cleaned of seeds and peel, grate on a coarse grater.Mix with a finished sauerkraut.Put into a large enamel pot or a tub of oak.

Brine prepare as usual, adding salt and sugar water.Stir until the crystals are dissolved.Pour the brine prepared pumpkin and cabbage, put the yoke on top.Leave to ferment for a few days at room temperature.

When the fermentation process is gone, you can transfer the pumpkin and cabbage pickled in a cold place.Before serving vegetables need a little rinse under running water.Put in a salad bowl, add some chopped onion half-rings, season with sunflower oil.