Tangerines with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

A couple of decades ago, mandarins considered this deficiency.Many people are waiting for the New Year holidays, as the oranges and tangerines symbolize a New Year gift.Currently, you can buy a round citrus.Each vegetable or fruit is better to eat at one time.Tangerines put to use in the winter.

Pancreatitis - the disease is not very nice and many people understand that only a proper diet is not able to cause another attack.It is known that pancreatitis can be accompanied by long-term remission, but may periodically replaced exacerbations.In order to facilitate the patient's condition, doctors strongly recommend to stick to a strict and sometimes even a special diet.It is important not to overload the pancreas.The patient should know pancreatitis authorized products and not to violate the rules of the diet.

very important to know how useful tangerines with pancreatitis, or they are generally harmful.

Tangerines and oranges are similar to each other in composition, of course.In these exotic fruits ri

ch in vitamin C. They are rich in glycosides, pectin, vitamins of different groups, mineral salts and essential oils.Mandarins thanks to citric acid does not accumulate nitrates in itself.

According to its rich composition of tangerines are considered the most valuable product.All the vitamins and minerals designed to improve appetite, stimulate the digestive and metabolic processes, strengthening the immune system and the saturation of the body with vitamins.

Mandarin includes:

  • important vitamin A (for the skin, mucosa and eyes);
  • ascorbic acid (to fight viruses);
  • vitamin C (to improve the functioning of the nervous system);
  • vitamin K (for vessels);
  • vitamin D (to improve the absorption of calcium).

Despite the considerable amount of positive qualities, doctors are not allowed to use Mandarin in pancreatitis.And there are several reasons:

  • Mandarins of all citrus fruits have a powerful influence sokogonnym.If pancreatitis diet formulated to minimize foods that have a load on the body, especially in the period of exacerbation.
  • Mandarin - the strongest allergen.Eating can be an inflammation of the patient's body.
  • much glucose in Mandarin.If pancreatitis is extremely contraindicated carbohydrates.

So one conclusion - mandarins are undesirable for pancreatitis.