Pain in the buttocks when walking

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

problems arising from the movement - not uncommon, but the people who are wary of their health, raise this question.Pain in the buttocks when driving - this is the first signal of the presence of any disease, we can only know what it is.This will help us to the doctor, to the consultation can be found only a presumptive diagnosis, to protect themselves from further negative effects.

Which basically illness can trap?

There are several diseases that affect just the musculoskeletal system.Hence it is necessary to understand, it's your ability to move is up to you.If you have time to identify the cause of the problem can be solved once and for all.

possible diagnoses

  1. Aseptic necrosis - a disease of the young.Mostly it is seen in people 20-25 years of age.Progression of the disease is rapid.Interesting fact: the pain subsides only in the morning.The main discomfort plagued man during sleep, which is why there may be problems with sleep.
  2. Osteoarthritis of the hip - there is a disease in people who are
    over 40 years old, but there are exceptions.There are basically pain when walking, if a person is motionless, the pain is not felt, that is, it is the problem of motor activity.It is not necessary that only one joint is affected, the pain may appear in two locations.When walking, the person feels pain that is given in the groin and knee.
  3. trochanter - common disease among women.Manifested as pain on motion, discomfort observed on the outside of the thigh.In the motion man is absolutely unlimited.Interesting fact: the pain will not go away if the patient lying on the side of the leg, as this disease is due to the tendons.

what to prepare?

Not so simple: some pain in the buttocks can become quite severe symptoms of the disease.If time does not see a doctor, the process may become irreversible.

  1. Infectious diseases - among the most encountered, usually tuberculosis, such form being most pronounced in children under 10 years.
  2. Tumors and Oncology.In most buttock pain in this case would mean that a higher degree of contamination and metastases occur frequently and thus hurt the bone.
  3. Cardiovascular disease.It can be a problem in the artery but at the buttock pain easily confused with one another.It should be noted that after the active employment Noise appears on the arteries.