Heart aches after drinking alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Even very healthy people alcohol can cause pain in the heart.Scientists have proved that getting into the body, alcohol and substances contained in it have a negative impact on all of its functions.

In addition, if an alcoholic beverage was drunk man who has obvious problems with the heart, there may be cases of death.Therefore, we must understand that you need to properly drink or not to drink at all.If the second point is clearly not appropriate, it is necessary to understand the brief, because of what can be heart pain and how alcohol enhances this effect.

overall impact of alcohol on the heart

must say that any positive effects of drinking alcohol does not.There are only short-term effects - lowering blood pressure, antispasmodic.

Here, nevertheless, decided to allocate the word "short" because after a certain amount of time everything is back and possibly some degradation.

total amount of time during which the influence of alcohol - about 7 hours.The time can vary from the amount beverage st

rength or average weight person.During this entire period, the heart and other organs begin to operate at full capacity by the action of the substances contained in alcohol.

That is why his frequent use leads to the appearance of diseases.But in people already suffering from any diseases of the cardiovascular system, acute disorders begin in the bodies, which sometimes lead to death.

What if the aching heart after alcohol?

First you need to stop taking alcohol.If the pain does not stop, do not drink tablets, without checking its status.To warn yourself from further negative effects, it is necessary to call an ambulance, which will be able to make a preliminary diagnosis and will take the injured to hospital.

To exclude the presence of any dangerous diseases, the attending physician should conduct a detailed examination and prescribe treatment.If it is a simple poisoning, should be attentive to your body - do not dehydration.The consequences of alcohol poisoning can be felt even at 4 hours after the incident.

important to understand that if you value your health, you need to learn how to limit their use of alcohol or reduce alcohol intake to a minimum.So you can extend your life and improve overall health.