Stomach ache after drinking alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

no alcoholic beverages can not do any banquets, birthdays, weddings and corporate.Sometimes, after a hard day's work, we are often able to pamper yourself a glass of wine or 50 grams of the ridge, but what if after drinking stomach ache.Let's see, from what causes such pain.

Of course, once I would like to note that large quantities of alcohol - is poison to the whole body, not just for the stomach, but our stomach first sees the concentrate of any alcoholic beverage.Alcohol can damage the lining of the stomach, because it is long enough.Remember, alcohol concentration of less than 8% is able to stimulate gastric secretion, but if the concentration is more than 20%, while gastric secretion comes in inhibited state.

Abdominal pain can cause even small doses of alcohol that regularly enter the body.Well, in the case when alcoholic beverages are often fall into the stomach, then the person can easily develop inflammation of the stomach, or in other words - alcoholic gastritis.There is a violation of an

enzyme of the gastric juice, and after all it affects the normal breakdown of food proteins.That's how drinking and begin protein deficiency - poorly digested use products, and deteriorating work secretory function of the stomach.We can not say that in this case can be followed by alcoholic gastritis and duodenal ulcers, which can lead to complications.

Now let's learn how to alleviate such pain in the stomach, if you, nevertheless, have used too much, and the next morning was not without discomfort.The first thing that can help with this pain - a black pepper.Take three peas pepper and wash down with water.If the pain is too strong, then you need to take a tablespoon of sunflower oil every two hours and drink their chamomile or mint tea.You can also eat a few prunes and make yourself tea leaves currants.It can help with pain in the abdomen normal chamomile broth.Pour a tablespoon of medical chamomile boiled water, let cool and drink the infusion.

All of these are ways to cope with the pain, are shown only in order to soften it, but the causes of stomach pain after drinking alcohol, they do not eliminate, so if you are faced with an alcoholic gastritis, it just stands to give up alcohol completely or afford to alcoholin rare cases.