Strong heartbeat after drinking alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Needless to say, what role is played by alcohol in the life of our body?Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages greatly wears internal organs, including the heart muscle.And sometimes we do not even notice the change (degradation), happens to us.But even a slight acceleration of the heart rate may cause irreversible reaction.

Why pounding heart after drinking?

Alcohol is an external stimulus to the body.This delayed bomb that targeted killing us inside.Rapid release of the heart muscle - one of the ways of dealing with excrete toxins.Along with this increased blood pressure (hypertension) occurs more frequent circulation of peripheral vessels and beds and stuff.These changes are caused by alcohol, aimed at the speedy elimination of the poison out of the man.

put it in accessible language, accelerated heart rate - it's just a reaction to toxic substances, crept into it, along with a portion of the alcohol, leaving after such a visit without control can not afford for him.Therefore cease the operat

ion of liquor back to normal, including the heart stops to jump out of his chest.

Only it does not mean that the threat to life and health of a person does not exist.On the contrary, a systematic failure of the internal organs leading to their rapid deterioration, pathological changes and deviations.There may be problems with the respiratory tract.

The turn palpitations with alcohol?

with a sip of alcohol is a serious deviation in the livelihood of the cardiovascular system.Small vessels shrink in size and interfere with the entering, both oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.Hence there is heart palpitations, hypertension, and a sharp jump in heart rate.

When a failure occurs in the system from time to time, it threatens to hemorrhage.For example, if a person in the intoxication permanently red nose or cheeks, then capillaries could not stand blood flow and burst under its pressure.But there are more serious consequences of the regular abuse of alcohol when blood vessels burst in his brain.And what that means man, everyone knows.

Be careful!

If the heart beat faster, breathing is difficult, sometimes flushed the entire body immediately after alcohol should stop taking it and contact the ambulance.These symptoms indicate acute toxic poisoning which can lead to fatal consequences.