How to stop vomiting after drinking alcohol?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Surely every reader gets into a situation, when going to a big company, which necessarily had to drink ... and quite a lot.Of course, cheerful feast with jokes and alcohol - it's a nice change of daily life, if not for the effects of which, by the way, can be very unpleasant.That this issue is devoted to our current publication.

hangover or what happens after ...

most noisy parties ends up the next morning, the person feels just awful.If yesterday alcohol pleasantly cheerful and excited, but now you feel a wild headache, followed in most cases, a strong tremor of limbs, dry mouth and, of course, nausea.However, in cases of excessive merry feast in the morning it happens very severe vomiting, which is difficult to control and stop.What to do?

To begin to understand the reasons why there was vomiting, so it is of four kinds:

  1. defecation.The most common type of morning vomiting after alcohol abuse.In this case, it triggered the so-called "cleansing process" that helps the body get rid of intoxicatio
    n, which, incidentally, contained even in the undigested food.As a result, a person has a profuse vomiting, followed by condition markedly improved.The best option in this case - as quickly as possible to cleanse the body and drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.
  2. allergy.And this happens because not every body "locked" on the use of a particular type of alcohol.For example, some people can not drink whiskey, after which begins to asthma attacks.For others, devastating literally turns cognac.In this case, it is recommended to know in advance their physiological features, not to be after a stormy party in hospital on a drip.
  3. Pancreatitis.If vomiting allocation painted yellow-green color, and is always present in the mouth a bitter taste, you should immediately contact a specialist, as these are the first signs of pancreatic function.Most often this occurs because of the constant abuse of alcohol intoxication when the products begin to destroy organs and mucous membranes.
  4. spotting.The most dangerous, but fortunately, rare.Such vomiting indicates that alcohol already partially destroyed mucosa, resulting in internal bleeding opened.In this case, it is recommended to urgently call an ambulance, because prolonged bleeding can cause death.

For general tips stop vomiting, everything is quite simple.

First, you need to immediately clean up the stomach, so it was left food poisoning.This will improve the situation and to get rid of a hangover after a couple of hours.Also, do not be amiss to use traditional medicines (chamomile, calendula, and so on. D.), Or activated charcoal.These funds will restore the body and remove inflammation.

Secondly, it is very important to people during the vomiting was upright or lying on his side, otherwise fluid may get into the airway and cause death.

And the last tip - if you can not stop vomiting traditional methods, you can help to Reglan.However, before taking you should consult a specialist.Be healthy!