Diarrhea after drinking alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

diarrhea after drinking alcohol - it's a real hangover.This happens because of the large amount of alcohol consumption.Diarrhea does not last long and soon the body can recover, but if diarrhea continues and there is more than two days, most likely consequences of drinking more serious.

itself diarrhea - this unpleasant phenomenon, but quite common.If alcohol causes diarrhea, then it is necessary to know all the causes and consequences.

Alcohol (product itself) - a kind of poison.This is explained by the fact that it includes a lot of harmful and even hazardous substances that naturally provoke diarrhea.

As you know, any alcoholic beverage (low table wine or beer is a product) in its composition have substances that have toxic effects on humans.Someone there the next day diarrhea, and someone feels fine.Doctors believe that diarrhea allows you to view all the toxins from the body and harmful water, much worse if it all remains inside for a long time.Even a minimal consumption of alcoholic beverages

may cause disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.The main cause of diarrhea - not even the alcohol itself and the amount of "received per capita."Ironically, this also applies to beer production.And if anyone thinks that there is no alcohol in the beer, something very wrong.The alcohol from alcoholic beverages - is an antiseptic for the intestines.Once it enters the stomach, it begins to destroy all the bacteria - and harmful, and useful.Disrupted the gastrointestinal tract.In the gut microflora is such that simply can not digest the food coming.On the influence of alcohol after diarrhea:

  • insufficient water absorption;
  • quick work of the stomach;
  • antiseptic.

consumption of alcohol can trigger the development of diseases that were previously asymptomatic and secretive.Such diseases include gastric ulcer, gastritis, gastroduodenitis, pancreatitis, enterocolitis.Alcoholic beverages when swallowed can cause burns on the walls, and mucous, disrupt the production of pepsin, disrupt excretory functions, limit the splitting of proteins.Such a disruption of the body leads to diarrhea.As is known, most beverages contain in its composition preservatives, dyes, and this is the main cause of poisoning.

If alcohol after each diarrhea occurs, you should consider whether to risk their health.Most likely, in the body there are certain problems.It is not necessary to hope that everything goes by itself, it is recommended to visit a doctor.If a diagnosis of gastritis, it is necessary to treat it and refuse any alcohol.We'll have to follow a certain diet to comply with diet and take medication in a timely manner.

If diarrhea appeared after the feast the next morning, it's not scary.The body moved a little stress, and the stomach was poisoning.It is enough to wash out the stomach with water and drink activated charcoal.It is important to restore the intestinal flora.

If the situation persists, then come to the aid gastroenterologist.He will pick up treatment and the body will return to normal.To permanently cured, will have to give up alcohol for a while.

Rarely, but there are cases when a person is completely contraindicated alcohol and even beer.This is explained by individual intolerance.