Hurt kidneys after alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Many people say after drinking at the pain in the kidney area.Why is this body responds to alcohol as the reason for the pain and how to cope with such a state?

cause of pain

Alcohol has a devastating effect on renal function.A good proof of that are swollen faces of those people who drink alcohol.Particularly dangerous for the kidneys is beer.With his consumption of this body lies a daunting job: to remove the alcohol leaves the body moisture, after which there is a shortage of fluid in which the blood becomes much thicker, and the filtering process in the kidneys occur much heavier.Abuse of alcohol is able to produce inflammation of the kidneys, the intoxication of the body and the formation of stones in it.


precipitate in the urine

even a single alcohol consumption significantly hinders the kidneys their tasks.Diagnosed sediment in the urine, which sometimes has a protein origin.We are big fans of the alcohol flows bone demineralization, which is characterized by leaching fro

m the body of magnesium, calcium and phosphate, and their deposition in the kidneys.Over time, these substances form stones in the body.

Dystrophy kidney

This disease is an abnormal process, which occurs due to a failure in the flow metabolism.The result is damage to the structures of the kidney.Furthermore, cells and tissues are formed hazardous substances adversely affecting the whole body.Macular degeneration is diagnosed when receiving renal significant doses of ethanol over an extended period of time.

Acute renal failure

The main characteristic feature of the disease is to reduce the volume of urination, or its complete absence.In the human body trapped nitrogenous waste products, there are disruptions in calcium and phosphorus, lipid, and purine metabolism.


best treatment of kidney diseases that have emerged against the background of the use of alcohol is a complete rejection of alcohol.With the exclusion of alcoholic beverages is likely that the kidneys can recover and carry out its functions at an appropriate level, but it is provided that the disease is not running.Furthermore, it can be shown drug therapy and special diet.